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10 Stunning Anand Karaj Decor

by Tripti Jain

Anand Karaj, a sacred and colorful Sikh Wedding occasion which means the ultimate union of two minds for the rest of life, forms the zing factor of a Sikh wedding. You remain the epicenter of all happenings and the most indispensable aspect of the occasion with positive vibes and good wishes from every corner.

The occasion usually takes place in the traditional Gurdwara and in the day time. The Hymns chanted cast a divine spell which ensures a smooth journey of life for the couples, years ahead. You can also set up a majestic decor to magnify every aspect of this auspicious ritual.

To make your Anand Karaj experience a memorable one for a lifetime we have suggested few decor ideas.

Vintage and Colorful

An open decor in sync with the landscape and nature is truly a great venue for your Anand Karaj. Get soaked in eternal bliss in communion with nature. 

 Open Roof Decor

An awesome experience awaits for the would-be couple. Having the vast sea as a witness and the presence of friends and relatives will surely make the day.

All-White and Floral Decor

White on white is something pristine divine. The perfect Anand Karaj decor for you and to take the ‘Lavaan phera’ with your soulmate. 

Indoor Anand Karaj Decor

Exclusive and lavish decor for Anand Karaj. The pheras can be arranged here in the midst of Gurbani hymns. This indoor decor is ideal for destination weddings. 

Grand and Classic Decor

Choose decor that honors the Sikh culture heritage religion. The finesse of this decor certainly does so. With all the floral pink and white decor, it is nothing less than a fairy tale!

A gorgeous decor

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Behle Events

This gorgeous floral decor is sure to captivate any mind. Get yourself soaked in the rituals of Anand Karaj in the presence of friends and relatives.

An elegant beach decor

A stunning decor that is yonder your thoughts. A captivating set up on the beach is enchanting. Have your Anand Karaj and Lavaan phera in this pristine ambiance. 

Floral decor for Anand Karaj

Anand Karaj literally means ‘blissful union’ in Sikh culture. Followed by Laavan phera a Sikh couple gets united to live rest of their lives and this amazing floral arrangement is worthy of being in the background.

A fascinating decor

You are sure to get fascinated by this mandap for Anand Karaj. The pop of greenery in the backdrop of white is sure to catch every imagination. Ideal for a destination wedding on a sea beach.

A purple wonder

Extensive laces, floral garlands and all the exquisite purple setup are sure to catch your imagination of this mandap. This mandap has a soothing ambiance which is ideal for a traditional yet full of glam Sikh wedding.

This was all about Anand Karaj decor ideas. Check out some amazing mandap decor ideas in our indoor mandaps and unique mandap ideas and comment your favorite!

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