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Alluring Genda Phool Decor Ideas For a Stunning Wedding

by Harshita Sharma

There’s more to genda phool than showering them over bride and groom during the pheras. Genda phool decor game is much stronger than nowadays and you can experiment with a lot of different setups with them at your wedding. We have come up with a couple of ideas that will change the genda phool decor game at your wedding and will surprise you and your guests the moment they walk into your wedding.

Teepee Tent

A statement teepee tent made by marigold flowers give a very refreshing look to the decor. You can hang tall marigold garlands from the centre and make it go around a comfortable seat to create the look. Match the tent with your seating and throw in some cushions to make it more comfy.

Tree Hangings

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Richa Kashelkar

When you are focusing on every corner of your wedding venue, do not leave the trees behind. You can create a fairyland on ground with this genda phool decor. Wrapped flowers around the trees and hanging garlands from the branches can totally be a spot to click some wedding pictures of you.


Skip the ordinary shining chandeliers and pick these grand marigold chandeliers that looks so unique. No one can overlook them once they pass under this enormous piece of genda phool decor.

Swing Decor

Genda phool decor for swings is very popular when it comes to wedding functions like mehendi and haldi. The swing decor works for both indoor and outdoor setups. You can even have it installed if you are organizing an intimate wedding function at home and at the same time you can have it ready out in open.


The magnificent genda phool decor for the mandap is a look to behold. Golden pillars and chairs looks best with this marigold decor. The fabric backdrop for mandap binds the whole look together and the yellow color feels very refreshing and welcoming to perform this warm ceremony.

Flowing Garlands

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If you are wondering what to do with the empty corners of the wedding venue, here’s what you can do with it. You can put the flowing garlands from pots and vases on each corners. They look very elegant and go perfectly with the other genda phool decor at your wedding.

We are sure you are thrilled to try some of these genda phool decor ideas at your wedding. On top of it, they don’t cost a fortune and look absolutely stunning and gorgeous.

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