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Stunning Black and Gold Theme Ideas to Use in Your Wedding

by Harshita Sharma

The black and gold theme is becoming a popular trend for winter weddings in recent years. This new attractive black and gold theme is the ideal wedding trend for those who are looking for a classic, ageless and modern wedding. The combination of black and gold makes the whole wedding look so sophisticated and stylish. Black adds a lot of drama to the wedding whilst the gold looks godly, royal, provides a good contrast to the black, and adds up to the novelty of the theme.

If you are interested in a black and gold themed wedding, we have curated a list of all the possible decor options you can use at your wedding to make it look amazing.

Table Decor

One of the most important things to focus on for a black and gold theme is the seating, dining for the guests. The table and chair setups can make or break the whole theme at your wedding. You can choose to enhance the appearance of the wedding theme by using black cushioned chairs with golden legs, black menu cards with golden borders, black and gold cutlery, and more.


A wedding invitation is the first thing that you send out to your guests and it is the first time your guests have a look at the wedding theme. These black and gold theme wedding invitations look very classy and striking to have in your wedding.

Wedding Cake

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Decorate your wedding cake in the black and gold theme to entice the guests at your wedding. Some of the wedding cake themes you can go for are celestial, marble, and decorated black cakes with golden flakes.

Reception Decor

You can always do a lot with the ceiling and floor decor to align it with your black and gold theme. Install a gold chandelier on the ceiling, or a hanging decor piece, and go for black-colored vases to decor the corners of the venue with golden flowers.

Wedding Favors

Wedding favors are one thing that all the guests get to take along with them after the wedding. To keep the black and gold theme going, go for the signature alcoholic drinks packed in black matte bottles wrapped with gold bows.

Wedding signs and surface decor

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People often miss out on small details and they end up ruining the whole wedding theme. These small elements deserve the same amount of attention as the others and you get a perfectly themed wedding by doing so. For the black and gold theme wedding, you can design a black welcome sign with gold letters, gold chandeliers, black and gold placeholders, candle holders, drapes and more.

Go with this theme if you want a stylish wedding with some bling. It looks classy, elegant and will definitely turn all heads with these decor ideas.

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