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Astonishing Wedding Favor Ideas to Present and Display

by Tripti Jain

Weddings are incomplete without bidding goodbye to the guests with a special something. Wedding favors are the gifts that you choose to hand over to your guests on their way back home. While it’s a big task to decide on different wedding favors for different age groups at a wedding, the way you present all wedding favors is equally important. The display has to be unique and captivating to draw the attention of all the guests. Here is a list of all the different wedding favor displays you can have at a wedding.

Table Display

If you are getting married in a huge venue, you can display wedding favors on table. This looks very beautiful as you get to decorate the table as well as a signboard along with the favors.


Displaying wedding favors in racks is a good option specially at a venue where the space is limited. You can set up multiple racks at different corners for different groups of guests. You can use a chalkboard to display the favor message.


Placing wedding favors on guests’ seats is an interesting way to give them a surprise takeaway gift. Finding nicely packaged gifts when you reach your seat is very charming and sweet. This can be done with indoor as well as outdoor seating arrangements. You can even put shawls over the chairs as a wedding favor in the winter wedding.


Cart is a brilliant option to feature favors in an offbeat style. You can even move the cart setup from one corner of the venue to another wherever it is needed without much effort.


Crate is an awesome way to carry favors in a rustic themed outdoor wedding. You can put favors like towels, shawls, and other stuff in a crate and put them wherever needed.

Vertical Arrangement

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One of the most exclusive set up to display wedding favors is having a big vertical wall of favors. Guests can pick their gifts as they pass through the wall.


One of the trendiest options to give out small wedding favors is to put them in cute little cones and hang the cones as a display for guests to pick. You can put them in crates, shelves, racks, and in many other ways.

Tub Storage

If you wanna go over the top with your alcohol and drink favors, put some ice in a crate or a huge bath tub and dip all the drinks in there.

You can always find versatile ways to hand over the wedding favors to your guests. It’s always good to display the gifts in a fun way as most of them are budget friendly, and doesn’t take much time. It also keeps your guests happy and excited until the very end of the event.

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