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DIY Makeup Tutorial-Bridal Makeup For This Wedding Season

by Tripti Jain

More and more couples nowadays are opting for a close knit intimate wedding. It’s totally okay if you don’t have a lavish budget for your bridal makeup. Check out this amazing and super easy of a classic Indian bridal makeup tutorial with a detailed explanation along with pictures for every step. So now pick up your own makeup brushes to create magic for your very special day!

Things You Will Require

  • Makeup brushes
  • Moisturizer
  • Primer
  • Foundation
  • Concealer
  • Face Powder
  • Eye Shadow Palette
  • Kohl Pencil
  • Eye Liner
  • Eyebrow Pencil
  • Contour Powder
  • Blush
  • Highlighter
  • Lip Liner
  • Lipstick
  • Bindi

Base Makeup


diy bridal makeup

The first step for your bridal makeup is moisturizer. Take a moisturizer of your choice and apply it evenly all over your face with your fingers. The moisturizer will help you spread your foundation and will also prevent your makeup from cracking.


diy bridal makeup

After the moisturizer, select a primer and apply it evenly on your face. You can also use a brush to make sure it blends well. The primer will serve as a base for your foundation. It acts as an extra layer between your skin and your makeup to make sure your makeup lasts longer. It also helps smoothen out your skin and add a glow to your face.


DIY Makeup Tutorial-Bridal Makeup For This Wedding Season, IMG 20200709 153414

After primer,grab a foundation and make sure it matches your skin tone. Apply a few drop of it on your cheeks, forehead and nose and use your hands to mix it evenly on your entire face. Foundation is very useful to cover up flaws and it also gives you an even skin tone .


diy bridal makeup

Next goes the concealer. Apply the concealer under your eyes and on blemishes that you want to hide and blend it well. Whether you want to hide pimple marks and spots or cover up your dark circles, concealers come handy in every case. They cover up all the imperfections and give you that flawless look.

5)Face Powder

diy bridal makeup

Finish off your base makeup with a dab of face powder. Face powder helps you settle your makeup and makes sure that your layers of foundation and concealer does not crease. Dab your fluffy brush in some face powder then apply it evenly on your face. Use the brush to blend it well and brush off the extra powder.

diy bridal makeup

Good Job! Now you are done with your base makeup and your face will look something like this. After this, we will move on to your eye makeup.

Eye makeup

1)Eye Shadow

diy bridal makeup

Next, we will start with your eye makeup. First, you will apply a light brown shade as the base for your eye makeup. Use a flat eye shadow brush and apply it well along your crease as well. This will give you an appearance of bigger eyes.

Next you will pick up a bronze shade and apply it well over the brown shade without crossing the crease. Once you are done with this, use the same brush to blend the two shades well.


diy bridal makeup

After the eye shadow, apply kajal on both of your waterlines. Kajal really helps in making your eyes look more prominent and accentuates your eye makeup. Considering the emotional moments of a wedding, we recommend you use a waterproof kajal.


diy bridal makeup

Once you are done with your kajal, take your black eye liner and apply it along your lash line. You can keep it simple or do a thick winged or cat style liner, that’s completely up to you. In case you don’t feel that comfortable using a liquid liner, feel free to use a liner pencil and make a neat stroke.


diy bridal makeup

Finish off your eye makeup with a flick of mascara on both of your lashes. Do not use extra mascara because that will make your lashes clammy and you don’t want that right?

4)False lashes

diy bridal makeup

Now, this is optional. If you are a fan of long dramatic lashes that after you apply the mascara. Get a pair of false eye lashes and stick it carefully on your real eyelashes.

TIP- In case you want to accentuate your lashes without using fake lashes then before you apply mascara, grab a eyelash curler and curl your lashes. Then, apply mascara on both of your lashes. This will make your lashes look long and thicker and add drama to your eye makeup.


diy bridal makeup

Finish off your eye makeup with a eyebrow pencil. Grab a black eyebrow pencil and make an outline of your eyebrows. Then slowly start filling up your brows with light strokes along its length. Make sure you don’t over do it and make your brows extra dark, try to make it look as natural as possible.

diy bridal makeup

Tadaa! Once you are done with your eye makeup, you will look something like this. After this, we will finish off your face makeup. Let’s go!

Finishing Your Face Makeup


diy bridal makeup

We understand that if you are not a professional then contouring can be difficult but not if you are just using a contour powder. Grab a fan brush and apply the contour shade along your cheeks to highlight your cheekbones and along your jaw to make your jawline look more prominent. Contouring makes you’re your features look sharper and more sculpted.


diy bridal makeup

Once you are done with the contour, we will go for the blush. Pout your lips and and apply the blush along your cheek bones. This will add a very sweet glow to your skin.

Make sure you blend it well with brush to avoid the prominence of two separate colors( one of the blush and the other of the contour) on your cheeks.


diy bridal makeup

The last part of your face makeup is the highlighter. Apply it on your cheekbones, nose bridge and under your eyebrows to add a glow and shimmery feel to your bridal makeup.


1)Lip liner

diy bridal makeup

Now that you have almost completed your bridal makeup, we will start with your lip makeup. Grab a lip liner that goes with your lipstick shade and make a thin outline around your lips. Lip liners are very important to keep your lipstick intact throughout the long hours of the ceremony and prevent your lipstick from bleeding.

TIP- You can also use your lip liner as a base for your lipstick to make it last longer


diy bridal makeup

Finish off your gorgeous bridal makeup with a dark red lipstick to make your lips look bold and stand out. Fill up your lips with a dark red shade and your easy DIY bridal makeup is complete!

TIP-In case you are wearing a maroon lehenga, we recommend you use a matching shade of lipstick. For all the other colors, you can go with red.

diy bridal makeup

So here is your very gorgeous and perfectly done bridal makeup! Wasn’t that easy? Let us know if you try this at home and do share your experience and pictures with us because we are eagerly waiting to hear from you.

All the best!

Image Credits- Nykaa

Model- Ankita Chaturvedi

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