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Elegant Floating Mandap Styles For Your Wedding

by Tripti Jain

Sky is the limit when it comes to your wedding. If you are wishing for a floating mandap at your wedding, that’s possible too. We have come up with the most trendy mandap styles and decor ideas for you to have the best of all.

Subtle Setup

Mandap styles like these are mostly done at venues with a pool. These are really easy to plan out as there is no extra effort needed apart from setting up the mandap in the middle of a pool. These are the most basic mandap styles but they look beautiful. You can have gold bars or free-flow drapes with flower decor for the structure.

Extravagant and Lavish

These are the most lavish and top notch mandap styles to have at your wedding. If you are looking for something grand, this is the perfect mandap style for you. These setups are usually done at royal wedding venues like a palace, and grand resort. The mandap is built in the middle of a water body. The entire water is covered with flowers floating on the surface. On the top of that, there are candles, lanterns, and vintage lamps decorated around the mandap.

Forest Theme

The forest theme floating mandap mostly has green elements like lotus petals floating all around the mandap, the bars of mandap wrapped in green branches, with a touch of flowers.

Traditional Touch

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The traditional floating mandap has a cultural vibe to it. It is often selected by couples who live away from their city but want the same cultural surrounding at the wedding. The top of mandaps is designed in the shape of a fort, temple, and more.


These contemporary floating mandaps have gained so much popularity amongst couples in recent years. They offer a great combination of traditional touch, cultural vibe, and yet are minimalistic and modern. If you are someone who doesn’t want to go all out, you can opt for this mandap style because it goes with everything.

It’s so important to pick the best floating mandap for your wedding because they make a wedding wholesome, and exquisite with the right decor and planning. Add some drama to your wedding by going with a style that suits you the most.

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