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Elegant Ways to Choose White Color Theme for Your Wedding Venue

by Sanhita Roy

We know how a white wedding imparts itself to timeless elegance and there are several ways to include a white color theme for your D day, right? Outstanding decors can be created by items like white or ivory tablecloths, napkins, table overlays, drapes, table runners, chair sashes, ceilings, photo booths, etc. These crystal white elements provide a subtle but opulent touch and yes, you got those picture-perfect shots!

Check out some mind-blowing ideas on how to incorporate majestic white decor at your wedding!

Majestic white ceilings

Kent Drake, Duke Images, Dreamstime, Nicolai Melicor-Villaruel

Simply mind-blowing ceilings aren’t they? These decors are outstanding and will ensure the peak of glamour and trend-setting for a wedding. Your wedding is sure to be a memorable one.

Check out some fantastic ceiling decors with us!

Charming floral mandaps wrapped in white!

Gruber Photo, Pinterest, Dot Dusk, Naman Verma

So authentic and ritualistic isn’t it? These mandaps will make your heart throbbing in excitement as you tie the nuptial knot here. It will be appreciated by all the guest attendees.

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All white cutlery

Samuel Studios, Chocolate Shot

White is so elegant and attractive, isn’t it? Stunning cutlery sets are sure to make your wedding day full of grace and attitude. Your guests will love them and you will be appreciated for the choice.

Candle decor for the gala dinner

Luxury Events, Pinterest, Pinterest, Pinterest

Precise and stunning aren’t they? The glow of the candles gives a divine feeling with a subtle flow of grace all around. Your wedding gets a personal touch with these artistic decors.

All white and elegant centerpieces

Bella Cento, Chocolate Shot, The Falls Wedding, PetalProd, Colin Cowie, Erich McVey

Stunning aren’t they? Acrylic chairs, centerpiece designs cutlery are absolutely mesmerizing. They are sure to be deeply appreciated by all of your guest attendees.

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Attractive white chandeliers

Chocolate Shot, Helen G Events, Kehoe Designs

The white chandeliers are simply class apart, aren’t they? They are trend setters in themselves and provides the extra zing factor to an outstanding wedding.

Sassy photobooths for the picture-perfect memories

Shawn, Jicoo Bali, Eventwala Babu, JULIA KIM

These white trendy seating arrangements are simply awesome, aren’t they? The lighting, floral touch-ups, and crystal display add up to their beauty. Your wedding is sure to be a grand celebration.

Explore quirky photobooths with us!

White trendy stages for Asian wedding

axioophotography/, Wander Wardrobes, Evolve Weddings, Chandni Events

Simply scintillating stages aren’t they? Great designs and perfect set up really makes them look grand from all fronts. Your wedding is sure to be a great celebration.

Standalone and beautiful white wedding cakes

Love Rosie Cakes, Getty Images, Allyson Wiley, NBarrett Photography

Standalone wedding cakes are great in the design aren’t they? The flair is so authentic and mesmerizing which is sure to make your day. Your wedding is sure to be an event of a lifetime.

Choosing elegant white decor elements for your special day is always amazing and we have seen enough proofs, right? Do let us know your favorite!

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