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Engagement Ring Trends All Brides are Drooling Over in 2021

by Tripti Jain

Engagements were and will always be a very special moment for a couple. No matter how many pandemics take over the world, it would never come in the way of love. Talking about engagements, the single most important thing around which the whole engagement revolves is- the ring. Finding a perfect ring for your partner is not an easy task but thankfully, you don’t have to worry about it now. We have curated a list of the trendiest engagement rings if you are going to propose to your girl in 2021 that she is surely going to love.


These band rings are the best if the couple wants to go with matching engagement rings. In events where you need a wedding ring for both the bride and groom, you can often find a gender neutral engagement ring and add a different layer to the traditional rings. There has been an increasing trend in the popularity of eternity bands.

Classic Vintage

These single stone rings are probably the oldest style in the list here but these beauties are ageless. Jewellary designers are always saying that the clients keep coming back to them for getting a classic single stone engagement ring. Nothing can compete with the ever so beautiful ring with a big diamond shining on top.

Open Rings

These open rings are a different style from the conventional three stone engagement rings. These rings are a more delicate version of the classic engagement rings and they are becoming more popular with smaller side stones.

Mixed Stones and Metals

These engagement rings have different stones, and metals in exciting cuts and sizes. The common ones feature white topaz, emerald, amethyst, diamonds on sides and surrounded by gold, and platinum frame to hold the shimmering stones.

Moonlight Ring

Moon light rings, and crown rings are the latest trends for delicate, colorful engagement rings for brides. These intricate rings mostly have designs, pearls, stones, and diamonds engraved in it.

The wedding landscape is always changing rapidly and we are helping you choose the best engagement ring and celebrate love in a stylish way. Dive into the trendiest engagement rings of 2021 and choose the best one for your special day.

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