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11 Glamorous Floral Accessories For Hair This Wedding Season

by Tripti Jain
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Floral accessories are so in trend! But are you going to follow the crowd and settle for regular floral accessories that show up in every wedding? Hell no! So we have brought to you 11 top glamorous floral accessories that you just cannot miss! So what are we waiting for? Let’s get started

1. Gajra

Lets start off with a very basic idea from the grand list of floral accessories. Yes, we are talking about a gajra.  You might thinks what’s so special about that but let us tell you ladies, A gajra is the only floral accessory that can offer you multiple styling options. Pair it up with a bun pin or wrap it around your braid, you are all set to steal the show!

2. Mogra Mesh

Bun nets are great for holding a big bridal bun in place but what if we told you can have that exact purpose served but in a more glamorous way? Yes, we are talking about a beautiful  mogra mesh! The beautiful white mesh of fresh mogras secures yous bun into its place and also adds up to the style quotient of your bun.

3. Floral Dupatta

This beautiful bride went out of her way to give a new definition to floral accessories. The mind-blowing combination of pink and white flowers looks absolutely stunning. This beautiful floral dupatta is certainly going to make many future brides take notes!

4. Floral Jewellery

Experimenting with floral accessories is always a great idea and this gorgeous bride has certainly proved it. Gold and Diamond jewellery are definitely beautiful but just look at those fresh floral earrings and maang tika. Aren’t these just perfect for your mehendi function?

5. Tiny Floral Clips

There is always that one bride who doesn’t want to go overboard with her hairstyle and accessories even on her wedding. Don’t worry, if this sounds like you then we have something especially for you. Try these beautiful floral clips on your elegant hairdo and you are all set for your big day!

6. Flower Bouquet

The last two years saw the trend of flower bouquet on buns break all past records of popular floral accessories and why not? Flowers bouquets are super stylish and when you get something so unbelievably beautiful at an affordable price then why miss it?

7. Mogra Clip

Maybe a traditional bridal look was never on your mind. For every Bridechilla out there who wants to experiment with something cool yet perfect for a wedding, a side braid with a flower clip is just for you. This simple yet unique floral accessory is surely going to give hairstyle goals to all the future brides out there.

8. Flower Clips For Your Braid

Looking for small floral accessories for your braid? Try floral clips for your braid. These simple yet beautiful clips are perfect for you if you want to keep your hairstyle stylish yet low-key.

9. Floral Band

What’s more gorgeous than a floral band made of fresh  flowers? More and more brides are opting for floral hair bands in the recent years to keep their look stylish yet simple. So why should you miss out?

10. Floral Strands For Your Braid

The style which was popularized by bollywood actress Sonam Kapoor has made its way to the list of trending floral accessories with brides swooning over this style. So when its your turn to select a stunning bridal floral accessory why not do it the Sonam Kapoor way?

11. A Floral Passa

Not exactly like a regular passa but this floral accessory is certainly winning hearts. If you are having a floral themed mehendi or sangeet then we recommend you try this out. After all, who doesn’t want to e the coolest bride ever, right?

So these were the top 11 floral accessories handpicked by us especially for this wedding season. Tell us which one you like the most because we are eagerly waiting to hear from you.

We wish you all the best for your big day!

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