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22 Glamorous Bridal Buns Hairstyles For Your Dream Wedding

by Tripti Jain
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When someone ask us what is the best bridal hairstyle, we say gorgeous bridal buns because we understand how difficult it can be at times to manage your outfit along with that makeup and hairstyle during those long hours of the ceremony. If this sounds like your problem then read this article  and check out some of the glamorous bridal buns for a comfortable and fuss free bridal hairstyle.

1. Flower Bouquet In Anushka Sharma’s Style

Remember that dreamy wedding bollywood actress Anushka Sharma had a few years ago? Out of all the things we drooled over, her hairstyle certainly topped the list. Dodging the traditional bridal bun, she went for simple bun decorated with a big flower bouquet. So now that its your turn to tie the knot, why not go for this mesmerizing bun?

2. Bun With Loose Strands

If the regular messy bun has got you bored than try this hairstyle. The loose strands falling on your back will give you that natural care-free look while the smart use of white stones and the brilliant colors of the flowers will make you look like a princess.

3. Layers Of Roll

Alright, we understand some of you do not want to cover your hair with flowers. So if you want people to admire you skillfully rolled bun then go for this hairstyle. The small clip of white blooms does its best to enhance that beautifully layered roll tied into a voluminous and gorgeous bun.

4. Big Rose Bun

Love roses? Then try this dramatic rose bun. Nothing can suit a floral themed wedding better than this big voluminous rose bun beautifully adorned with captivating and fresh white flowers.

5. Bun With A Flower Net

Bored with a traditional Gajra? Then try out this flower net. Flowers and bridal hairstyles go hand in hand and there is absolutely no harm in giving traditional bridal buns a modern twist. If you want to ditch traditional gajras then this is your best choice.

6. Beautiful Rolls

Just look at those skillfully tucked rolls! Isn’t that beautiful? This entire big bridal bun is done solely with the help of rolls. To complete the look, you can leave a few locks of hair loose and add a maag tika to enhance the entire look.

7. Side Roll With Braided bun

Braided buns are simple love! And what acts as a cherry on the top is the voluminous side roll. You get a gorgeous bun that is neatly tied up and you don’t have to worry about the loose strands bothering you. Plus the fresh little white flowers give you that oh so gorgeous! look, isn’t it the best?

8. Classic French Roll

A list of best bridal buns can never be complete without mentioning the classic french roll. If you are looking for a neat and elegant hairstyle then nothing can suit you better than this. Add a small hair accessory and step up the style quotient of your hairstyle.

9. Messy Bun

Here comes one of the most popular bridal buns. Isn’t it amazing how a simple messy bun can make such a great deal of difference to your entire look? Be it your wedding, your sangeet or reception, a casual messy bun is all that you need to set the stage on fire.

10. Rolled Bun With White Flowers

Another neat and fuss free hairstyle. If the loose open strands make you uncomfortable then a tightly clipped front roll with a neatly rolled bun adorned with fresh white flowers is your best choice!

11. Classic High Bun With Front Puff

Remember that elegant bun that bollywood actress Lara Dutta flaunted on her beautiful Christian style wedding? Partially inspired from that, this bridal bun has an additional front puff to enhance the entire look. If you are looking for minimalistic look then this one is for you.

12. Messy French Roll

All the brilliant hairstylists out there know exactly how to create brand new trending hairstyle from a traditional one. Same goes for this one. This glamorous bridal bun is a semi messy french roll with the wavy hair tucked smoothly into little braids and rolls. We’ll be honest, what makes this bun even more special is the smartly planned blonde highlights that bring out the best from this.

13. Braided Bun With Flower Band

Nope, this isn’t your regular braided bun. Look at those voluminous rolls of hair tastefully decorated with that lovely white and red flower band, isn’t it really amazing? What adds up to the style quotient of bridal bun is the slight messy touch.

14. All White Rose Bouquet

In case you have decided to ditch the traditional reds and maroons for you wedding and opted for a light nude color then you need a hairstyle that will go with that color tone, right?Don’t worry, we got you covered. Check out this beautiful bridal bun with fresh white roses and tiny white blooms adorning the bun. How can someone not love this, right?

15.  Accessorised Messy Bun

Messy Bridal Buns can form an entire category themselves. From the countless options to choose from, we have brought to you this amazing messy bun with a voluminous side roll.  Those thin little braids along with those tiny stone pins make the bun look gorgeous and elegant.

16. Layers Of Rolls With Flowers

We can’t say what’s more gorgeous, that beautiful bun or her sexy blouse design but speaking of this bridal bun, we absolutely love it. Those beautifully tucked in rolls and the smartly planned highlights are enhanced by the brilliant choice of flowers. Always remember, when selecting a dark colored outfit like brown, light colored flowers look the best with them.

17. Messy Donut Bun

Not a fan of big and heavy buns? We got you covered. Try out the donut bun. Now since we are speaking of bridal buns we decided to select a messy donut bun that will give that voluminous look but if you want more neat bun then we recommend you go for a sleek donut bun. Donut buns are extremely easy and all with a small gajra you or a mogra clip you are all set to rock your classy bridal bun.

18. Bun With Colored Stones

Bored with just flowers and regular hair accessories? Try the colored stones to decorate your bun. This bun might look a bit difficult to nail but the result is definitely worth the efforts!

19. Fishtail braid bun

Bored of regular braided bun? How about a fishtail bun? A fishtail braid bun will give you a tight and neat hairstyle that is easy to carry and yet is extremely elegant and gorgeous. We recommend you use only small flowers or stone pins along the gaps of your braid to enhance the entire hairstyle and give regular bridal buns a glamorous twist

20. Rose Bun With Side Puff

Let me  tell you ladies, Rose buns are so in trend right now and why not? Just look at those beautifully rolled and tucked spiral of hair, no women can ever resist that. Style it up with some real roses or white blooms and you are all set for your big day!

21. Romantic Messy Bun

Ever dreamt of that princess like wedding with a flowy gorgeous dress and a breathtaking beautiful bun? If this sounds like you then you should definitely try the messy bun. This big and gorgeous messy updo will make you feel like a Greek Goddess and make your man fall for you once again.

22. Messy Chignon With White Blooms

Can’t contain your love for fresh white blooms? Try this gorgeous bridal bun.  A fairly simple messy bun with a few loose locks and beautifully adorned with fresh white blooms gives you that simple yet elegant look.

That was our list of 22 glamorous bridal buns for your dream wedding. Do tell us which one you like the most, we are eagerly waiting to hear from you.

We wish you all the best for your big day!

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