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Offbeat Black Color Wedding Theme Ideas For Your Winter Wedding!!!

by Tripti Jain

Black is a classic, ageless color to work with whether you talk about outfits, bags, and even weddings. A black color wedding theme is best for people who want a modern, glamorous wedding, and of course if black is your color, this wedding theme is for you. Check out these decor ideas for a black color wedding theme.

Dinner Table Decor

A black color wedding table set up looks ultra-luxurious. Experiment with different ideas, a black satin – velvet table runner, black chairs for the entire event, plating and glasses, textured candles, napkins, and more. Use contrast color flower decor to make the black more noticeable throughout the wedding.

Wedding Cake

A black wedding cake might sound very different from ordinary wedding cakes. However, it looks fabulous and you can always surprise your guests with amazing flavors inside. Black color wedding cakes comes in many themes that are specially created for the color.

Photo & Bar Booth

Sign up for a photo booth with black backdrop and neon wedding signs on it. You can also set up a black wall to display the wedding favors. Get a black mobile van to set up a bar booth at your wedding that matches with the theme.

Sign Boards

Welcome your guests with a modern black color welcome sign board to prepare them for a black wedding theme. You can decorate the welcome sign board with lights during night events, and flowers during the day.


Sending out wedding invitations is one of the first moves you make to inform the guests about your wedding. Make it special by sending them black invitation cards to keep the wedding theme on point.

Wedding Dress

Black is not a conventional color to wear at your own wedding, especially for the bride. But if this is how you want to see yourself on your wedding day, go for it and be the most glamorous wedding couple.

Black is a bold yet versatile and sophisticated color choice to consider for your wedding. One of the most impressive things about a black color wedding is that depending on the way you style it, it has the ability to pull off every themes including romantic, classic, bold, monochromatic, formal, modern, luxurious, and even boho wedding,

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