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Top Pakistani Designers You Must Know for Your Shaadi Outfit Inspiration

by Tripti Jain
Pakistani Designers

The most important part of a brides trousseau is her wedding dress and when it comes to something as important as your wedding outfit then we have to go all out of our way and bring to your only the best. Hence, for this wedding season we have prepares this specially curated list of top must know Pakistani designers for a perfect Pakistani wedding.

Ali Xeeshan

His designs, as he describes them designs that narrate a story never leave a chance to captivate us. Starting for the mind-blowing selection of material and color to spectacular designs that you have never seen before. If there is anything that can make a bride even more excited on her wedding, it has to be a lehenga designed by Ali Xeeshan.

Suffuse By Sana Yasir

Who can understand the needs of a woman better than a woman? And this lady stands true to this statement. If you ever look at her designs you will know at the very first sight that this what you had dreamed about your wedding dress. Yes ladies, that’s how stunning and regal her designs are.

Hassan Sheheryar Yasin (HSY)

Heavy and gorgeous embroidery is an inseparable part of Pakistani wedding lehengas that you just cant do away with and Hassan Sheheryar Yasin completely nails this authentic look. We are definitely adding him to our favorites list, what about you?

Faraz Manan

Going through the lists of designers and tired of seeing the usual designs. Don’t worry, we always have something for the brides who always want something more. Fazaz Manan with his unique designs and out of the box ideas is simply everything that you want!

Nomi Ansari

Well, well we almost paused to stare at the beautiful blouse design when we first saw that golden lehenga and gorgeous blue skirt on the left can make anyone fall in love with. We are officially in love with Nomi Ansari’s designs, what about you?

Tena Durrani

If working with pastels was a separate art then Tena Durrani would be the undisputed queen of it. Her designs radiates elegance and have a perfect blend of a traditional touched mingled with sheer sophistication.

Fahad Hussayn

When a bridal dress reflects royalty and class, your confidence takes a few step up while your happiness breaks all boundaries. If this what you are looking for then go for a Fahad Hussain design and trust us ladies, you wont regret it.

Republic Women’s Wear

If there is any undisputed king of heavy embroidered bridal outfit, then it has to be them. We don’t have to justify why, the pictures speak for themselves. Ranging from deep reds and maroons to romantic pastels, they can literally work their magic on any color and give you that drop-dead gorgeous pakistani bridal outfit that you always dreamed of.

Faiza Saqlain

Ahaan! Here comes one of our favorite designer. Authentic Pakistani bridal outfits are simple nit complete without those heavy embroideries and gorgeous wide borders/ So ladies, go all ethnic on your big day and steal the show in a Faiza Saqlain outfit.


Ooohh! That gorgeous red dupatta and the that sober pink lehenga is absolute;y stunning! Just when you think that it just cant get better these brilliant designers come up with something that blows you mind, isn’t it?

Zainab Chottani

Whats an authentic Pakistani wedding without a super gorgeous and heavy embroidered bridal outfit? Zainab Chottani’s design’s are a symbol of a perfect Pakistani wedding and is undoubtedly one of our favorite Pakistani designers.

Asim Jofa

You want sober pastel? Check! Or a mix of vibrant wedding colors? Check check! Basically Asim Jofa’s designs are a complete package of everything that you can ask for in a wedding outfit.

Bunto Kazmi

If delicate detailing or intricate embroideries makes you heart twinkle them we are sure you will love Bunto Kazmi’s designs. Just look at these gorgeous designs, no wonder she is one of the most popular bridal designer of Pakistan.

Deepak Perwani

This renowned designer has taken the fashion world by storm with this brilliant creations and mind blowing designs and you can see it for yourself. When its something as important as your wedding, why not choose the best?


Did you too get that princess like vibe when you saw these designs ? Because we certainly did! That divine white dupatta is absolutely stunning and we simply cant take our eyes off the super stylish lehenga embellished with floral embroidery.

Farah Talib Aziz

This wonderful designer certainly knows how to make the brides happy with his unique designs and tasteful choice of colors. The way he plays with the vibrant colors and manages to come up with absolutely stunning designs every time is certainly a skill he specializes in.

Nickie Nina

We don’t even have to tell you how amazing her designs are, these pictures will speak for themselves. If you want to look regal in your bridal outfit, just blindly lay your hand on any Nickie Nina outfit and we bet that you will absolutely love it!

Nidaaz Weratelier

She is one of those designers who comes up with fresh ideas all the time! Its like your one stop destination for all your wedding outfits . From a royal lehenga for your wedding to something low-key yet elegant for your mehendi, she has got everything covered.

Shamsha Hashwani

Can’t decide whats more gorgeous, that mermaid style gown or the super stunning off shoulder blouse. Shamsha Haswa’s designs are a fresh breath of air that is going to blow your mind with its uniqueness.

Umar Sayeed

We are left speechless! And why not? That elegant mehendi outfit and the gorgeous lehenga for your reception is simply mind blowing and we had to let you see this. After all hoe can we let you miss something so beautiful for your special day.

So these were the top Pakistani designers you have to know about. When it comes to your bridal outfit, we make sure that you get to see all the options and choose only the best. So let us know who you plan to choose because we are eagerly waiting to know about your experience.

All the best!

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