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Sustainable Wedding Favor Ideas For An Eco-Friendly Wedding

by Harshita Sharma

Wedding favors are something that often gets missed out on while planning bigger things. But every small detail counts in a wedding to make it more spectacular. This article is a great chance for you to know about some of the most sustainable wedding favor ideas that you can easily plan out to impress your guests and spread awareness.

Candleholder Favors

Wooden carved candleholders are easily available at wholesale markets and you can even get a local artist to complete the order for these sustainable wedding favors at cheap rates. They come in different shapes and sizes and you can customize your order according to your budget.

Plant Favors

Plant-based sustainable wedding favors are widely popular these days. Couples prefer giving out low-maintenance plants that require very little time and effort. The most popular favors are low-maintenance plants like eucalyptus, bamboo, and other cacti plants.

Oil Favors

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If you have spend some extra bucks for favors, tiny oil bottles are great idea for sustainable wedding favors. You can pick any essential oil and get your wedding monogram pasted on the bottles.

Feel Good Favors

Wedding favors does not always have to be for your guests. You can offer kind favors that emits a positive vibe when used. Using bird seeds as wedding favors is one such idea.

Coffee Beans

Who doesn’t love some good quality coffee beans? This is an ultimate sustainable wedding favor idea that all of your guests are bound to love. Premium quality coffee is always appreciated and looks very classy and sophisticated when packed in a customized paper bag.

Good Old Chai

All the chai lovers out there, here’s the best wedding favor idea for you. You can get a collection of flavored tea and offer those to your guests as a departing gift.

Green Straws

If you are really serious about making it an eco-friendly wedding, surprise your guests with these bamboo straws while they leave. These imprinted straws will surely make your sustainable wedding favor idea stand out and everyone will remember your wedding whenever they use it.

Organic Soaps

Talk about sustainable wedding favors and organic handmade soap is one of the first things to mind. You can pick an all-natural, chemical-free range of soaps in a variety of flavors like lime, rose, essential oils, lavender, and more. Organic soaps are always a safe choice as your guests are bound to try them and they can be used across all genders and age groups.

Use these ideas to minimize any waste on the wedding favors. Offering sustainable wedding favors also send out a great message and encourage others to do the same.

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