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Top 10 Ways to Plan an Eco-Friendly Wedding in India

by Harshita Sharma

Eco-friendly weddings are a huge following trend these days. Modern couples are gravitating towards more sustainable options for planning a wedding. Weddings are a massive affair all over the world and it’s even bigger in India with the wedding functions going on for several days. Choosing eco-friendly weddings over traditional ones is a step towards sustainability. We have compiled a list of all different ideas that you should incorporate in the upcoming wedding.

Wedding Favors

Organic soaps, wooden carved candle holders, and pocket sized plant packagings are some of the best options for giving out eco-friendly wedding favors to all the guests. You can do more research on this and get more ideas for the wedding.

Wedding Mandap

Eco-friendly wedding mandaps are not only good for obvious reasons, but they also look so unique and stunning. They elevate the whole look by using cane, wooden frames, bamboo mandap, and lush green detailing on the ceiling.

Cane Basket

Cane baskets are multipurpose and can be used with different settings. You can use them as ceiling decor, lamps, backdrops, hanging decor, and more.


Waste items lying around the venue like tyres can also boost the wedding decor if you place them in a quirky way. It’s also a great way to reuse and recycle the waste.

Leafy Centerpieces

Centerpieces are one of the most used wedding decor and using green elements here is an amazing way to plan an eco-friendly wedding. Centerpieces like palm leaf, and banana leaf looks staggering when placed on a glass table setting.

Jute Tie Up

Replace ordinary fabrics with jute and you will know how gorgeous jute looks when used with the right elements. Jute chair tie ups in guests seatings and a wrap around over centerpieces looks astonishing. It also blends in with all the natural decor seamlessly.


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Vogue Luxury Weddings

Get those old khatiyas out in the open and color them pretty to have a perfect seating arrangement with a traditional Indian touch. You can place some popping color pillows on it to make it comfortable and appealing.

Rustic Backdrop

Wooden planks and crates can be used to create a rustic backdrop for a bar counter or a photo booth. Variety of lush green plants and flowers falling out from places look fascinating.

Check out these eco-friendly wedding ideas and plan the ultimate zero waste wedding to wow your guests. Go green this wedding season!

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