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Top 16 Trending Hair Accessory For Every Bride

by Tripti Jain
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What good is a gorgeous bridal hairstyle without any hair accessory? We understand that with the big dates nearing you might be going crazy taking care of all the minute details of your bridal outfit and you have absolutely no time to spare on scrolling through hundreds of options to choose your bridal hair accessory. Don’t worry, we have taken care of that. Here is a specially curated list of top 16 trending hair accessory for every bride!

1. Heavy Matha Patti and Maang Tika

One of the most popular hair accessory, a big double chained maang tika can make a dramatic change even to a simple hairdo. If you are planning on a very simple hairstyle then  grab a double chained maang tika to get that gorgeous, royal look.

2. A Gorgeous Passa

The recent years saw an exceptional hike in the demand for stylish passa among the brides-to-be and why not? This easy to wear beautiful hair accessory will immediately step up your look and give you that chic yet royal look.

3. A Big Stone Maang Tika

Looking for something traditional yet simple? Try out a chainless stone maang tika. This hair accessory has always been in vogue.  Whether you want to look royal or chic, the countless variety of styles and designs will help you flaunt any look you desire. Isn’t that great?

4. Chained Bun Pin

If you want to bring back all your hair and secure them into a tight bun that stays in its place then nothing can suit you better than a bun pin also known as a juda pin but how about using a chained juda pin instead of a regular one? The best part about this hair accessory is that it can make even a simple bun stand out and look beautiful.

5. South Indian Style Lakshmi Billau

Very popular among south indian brides, this gorgeous hair accessory is pinned along the length of the braid. Complete the hairstyle with a heavy gajra and you are ready to rock your traditional look!

6. Floral Tiara

Can’t get over your love for floral hair accessory? Try a floral tiara. Just a simple tiara of fresh and captivating flowers and watch yourself transform into a princess in seconds.

7. Small Stone Hair Pins

Stone hair pins are undoubtedly our favourite! This a very smart way to hold your hair in position and secure your hairstyle as well as glam up your simple hairdo. They add an elegant touch to your hair and give you that stylish chic look.

8. A Gorgeous Hair Band

Remember how as kids we all loved hair bands? Well, just as we grew up so did our hair bands! This gorgeous bride has decided to ditch traditional hair accessories and go for a classy stone hair band that’s sparkling up her entire look.

9. Chain For Braids

Not opting for a traditional bun? Don’t worry, we got you covered. Check out this beautiful  stone and pearl braid. Whether you choose a fishtail braid or a dutch braid this classy hair accessory can literally go with any type of braid!

10. Multi Chained Maang Tika

Another hair accessory for all those brides who are not a fan of heavy voluminous hairstyles.Just because you do not like heavy hairstyles that doesn’t mean you will have to settle for something too plain.  Try a multi chained maang tika and you will be giving other’s hairstyle goals effortlessly.

11. Big Shield Pin

Look at those intricate detailing of the pin, isnt it beautiful? This is one of our favourite hair accessory. We understand you might be a bit skeptical about hiding you entire bun beneath it but trust us, what the guests get to see will be absolute treat to their eyes.

12. Multi Chain Hair Pin

You know how almost every  bride who wants to cover up her entire bun either uses a flower bouquet style of gajra but we have something special for our special ladies! Check out this multi chained hair pin. The pin serves the purpose of holding your bun in place while those gorgeous chains running across your bun  makes it look beautiful and definitely worth hundreds of back snapshots!

13. Dreamcatcher Inspired Pin

All the brilliant stylists and makeup artists are going out of their way to bring out the best in terms of fashion and makeup to all the beautiful brides out there. One such brilliant idea is this gorgeous bun pin inspired from a dreamcatcher. So now that you are all set for youir dream wedding don’t miss out on this stunning bun pin!

14. Single Chain Stone Hair Band

Another marvellous hair accessory added to the hair accessory collection! For all the brides who do not want to go overboard with their hairstyles, this simple stone hair band is the solution to all your haira accessory related problems. Just a simple stone chain and you get that glamorous elegant look you always wanted!

15. Single Side Maang Tika

With everyone experimenting with different hair accessories to bring out the best, the traditional chained maang tika has got a glamorous twist.  If you want to keep your hair accessory low-key then go with this stunning maang tika

16. The Jhumar Style

This gorgeous bride definitely has a superb taste in hairstyles. She went a step ahead and decided to go beyond the usual hair accessories and tried the very new jhumar style and we are definitely loving her hairdo. What do you think?

So this was our list of top 16 trending bridal hair accessory. Tell us which one you are planning to pick up for your wedding, we are eagerly waiting to hear from you!

We wish you all the best for your big day!

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