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15 Unique Mandap Ideas for your Dream Wedding

by Tripti Jain

Love and passion are in the air as you get soaked into it while getting the wedding rituals conducted in the auspicious presence of friends and relatives. Unique mandaps are designed aesthetically and are sure to produce incredible settings for wedding photos when you take the vows.

You had a frenetic schedule on choosing the right wedding dress like lehengas or sherwanis, Mehendi outfits, and hence may have not given ample attention to the decor aspect. The mandap needs to be in sync with the wedding theme and these unique mandaps ideas which will surely make the wedding mindblowing and blissful event.

If you are ready for sophistication and elements for your decor, here are our recommendations. Browse through some unique mandap designs and get the most authentic one for your auspicious wedding day. 

Grand & Gorgeous

Get soaked in the charm of getting married under this gorgeous mandap together with the unique seating arrangements. You are poised for those dreamy ‘pheras’ under this awesome mandap.

Open-air Beach Mandap

Elegance oozing out in the pristine sands of this awesome beach. The mandap is simple traditional yet characterizes the authentic core of your wedding.  

Larger than Life Mandap Decor

This exclusive mandap is in total sync with your mandap significance. Extravagant yet subtle and beautiful will surely touch the esthetic core of your wedding.

Exclusive & Extravagant Affair

The design of the mandap is suitable for the lawns in exclusive heritage hotels for destination weddings. The stunning floral designs with the light arrangements will surely make your day.

Charming Floral Mandap 

The natural floral fragrance and the beauty of flowers are unquestionable. Getting married sitting right there is sure to create an aura of wedding exuberance.

Foliage and Leaves

A combination of floral arts and branches decked up with a large quantity of foliage as it blooms. This will surely transmit a surreal divine vibe.

Blue Themed Beach Mandap

A graceful and unique blue mandap in sync with the blue sky and the blue waters of the sea would be the perfect setup for a dreamy beach wedding. Let’s take a moment and appreciate the sober beauty of this unique mandap! Floral adorned Pillars of the mandap, and ceiling with blue draped ceiling is sure to give a soothing aura and amazing experience to the guests.

Unique Rose Studded Mandap

This floral mandap designed with a large volume of white and pink roses with the contrast of green. It is sure to mesmerize any sight it beholds. 

Pink and White Summer Floral Decor

A mesmerizing and subtle pink and white mandap with just the right amount of cuteness to your wedding. It could be the perfect photo booth for you and your soulmate while taking the vows!

Captivating & Unique

This mandap with extravagant lush greens, roses, and a surge of floral garlands is sure to capture every imagination that it beholds.

Majestic Floral Chandeliers

A picturesque and unique floral mandap with bulky white and pink flowers. You can see the unique roof with mogra floral chandelier.

Blazing Open-roof Mandap

A circular open-roofed mandap done with multi-hued flowers. The aisle is designed with floral arts together with the circular structure which is sure to create a magic spell. 

White Rose & Mogra Garlands

White roses, trees, and mogra garlands are used in the setting of this unique mandap. Let your wedding rituals get conducted under it. Get soaked in pristine grace of the green leaves and garlands.

Royal Mandap with Mughal Touch

Golden yellow is the color of celebrations. It’s rich traditional and mesmerizing. Marigold has been used extensively to give this stunning look along with silver chowkis. The mandap felt the place for a traditional Mughal feast. 

Unique Floral Canopy at the Beach

This mandap is unconventional yet stylish. Watch the mesmerising concept of cascading floral in the form of a circular roof is magical. The kalash decorations and designed acrylic chairs add hue to it. 

With these amazing and unique Mandap ideas, we did spoil you with choices, didn’t we? Explore some trendy and beautiful indoor Mandap designs and let us know which one is your favourite!

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