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Handpicked Wedding Centerpieces to add that Extra Flair to your Table Decoration

by Sanhita Roy

Attention all the brides and grooms! Are you done with the venue selection? If you are nodding right now, let’s get to the most important aspect, the decor! Wedding centerpieces are very important as they are the most eye-appealing piece of decor. Luxurious and state of the art centerpiece enhance the spirit and ambience of a wedding and hence you must be slightly choosy.

We have listed some amazing centerpiece ideas for your D day! So, lets dive right in!

Starry and Majestic

Our favorite of the lot, and you know why. From those starry lights to the white branches, everything about this amazing centerpiece is just so awesome. This could pass for a fall decor as well.

Alluring red centerpiece

The table layout is fascinating as so are the cutlery designs. The sequence of arrangements and the chandelier makes the centerpiece look beautiful and fashionable.

Elegant white flowers

This centerpiece is made of classy wooden furniture with glass and floral artworks. The designs are sure to catch any imagination that sees it. A wedding reception gets elevated in spirit with this decorative piece.

Jubilant wedding centerpiece

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The arrangements are simply jubilant and the criss-cross metal base is worth a mention. Designer tables, chairs, cutlery, and the ambiance makes this centerpiece look truly adorable.

Lovely bunch of flowers

This wedding centerpiece is classy and soothing to every eye. The round table with chairs topped with floral and crystal artworks makes it look graceful and elegant.

A fall wedding centerpiece

Natural light in a closed setup truly makes this wedding centerpiece spontaneous and attractive. Elegant cutlery and floral artworks add up to its glam quotient.

Small and white

A distinguished arrangement of centerpieces is a wonderful site. Designed cutlery adds the extra zing factor along with the lighting designs hanging from the top.

Colorful flower punch

A combination of hydrangea, tulip, orchids truly makes this decor candid and majestic. Designer center table with expensive cutlery is sure to make your wedding day.

Giant rose ball

Roses are worth drooling over and this centerpiece is no less. The color combinations and those pink, white and brown roses are just mesmerizing!

Classy violet centerpiece

The arrangement looks elegant and fascinating. It is sure to catch the attention of all the guest attendees. The floral arrangements chandelier drapes and cutlery renders a mind-blowing feeling.

Vibrant and colorful

This amazing centerpiece is worth drooling over and over again! The color contrasts, the flowers and green leaves, everything is so good about it.

Sophisticated and subtle

The centerpiece layout is truly sophisticated and mesmerizing. The expensive and designer cutlery, florals, and clothing brings out the flair of a real auspicious wedding.

Spooky and elegant decor

Spooky is not scary and this piece of decor is absolutely gorgeous. Those dimly lit trees as the centerpieces are definitely stealing the show.

Simple and innovative

The centerpiece looks spacious and gorgeous. Arrangements of cutlery and floral decor are sure to catch every imagination of the guest attendees. A grand celebration is surely on the cards.

A bunch of roses

This centerpiece looks awesome and stylish from all fronts. Awesome table arrangement in designed cloth and cutlery added up with floral artwork and candles makes this centerpiece really stylish and elegant. A must try at a grand wedding.

Majestic pink flowers

This centerpiece is lavish and exuberant. Expensive white and golden chandeliers emit a royal glow on the cutlery which sets the tone of a perfect and luxurious wedding. The chair table and cutlery arrangements are mind-blowing as well.

Euphoric wedding centerpiece

Beautiful floral designs and its artworks, expensive cutlery, rich cloths, and chair arrangements make this centerpiece look stunning from all fronts. This piece of decor surely magnifies the spirit of a grand wedding.

Gorgeous green and white

Expensive chairs, cutlery and designer floral art works make this centerpiece look mesmerizing from all fronts. The ambience is elegant and soothing to every eye.

Unique blue and beyond

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Long tables arranged in the open, backed with blue flowers is the hallmark of this open decor. It is fashionable and adorable to every eye that looks at it.

The decor aspects are never-ending and we are right here to help. Check out bar decor ideas and some sassy photo booths for a grand wedding!

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