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Vibrant White and Gold Wedding Decor Ideas

by Harshita Sharma

One way to differentiate Indian weddings from western weddings is the overwhelming amount of colors involved at an Indian wedding, whereas you see lighter hues at a western wedding. However, there has been a spike in the trend of using lighter colors at an Indian wedding. Many celebrities have been a part of this trend recently and if you are looking for the same, we have brought some of the best decor ideas for a white and gold wedding theme.

Floral Centerpieces

Floral centerpieces add a beautiful charm to the table settings. Light over some candles and floral arrangements with gold stands as centerpieces.

Invitation Cards

Wedding invitation is the first thing that you send out to your guests and it is the first time your guests have a look at the wedding theme. These gold and white wedding invitation designs look very classy and elegant to have in your wedding.

Dining Setup

A white and gold wedding table looks extremely pretty with golden chairs, gold menu cards, white and gold cutlery, and glass elements to enhance the look.


Menu cards and table cards are small details that are often missed out by people at their wedding. Well, you don’t have to miss out on them at your wedding and keep in mind the white and gold wedding theme to plan minimalistic and elegant cards for guests.


There are a lot of options for wedding eatables at a white and gold wedding theme. You can get one of these white and gold wedding cakes in modern, and ornamental decorations. You can serve sweet cupcakes with white frosting and gold flakes on top of it to go with the white and gold wedding theme.

Ceiling and floor decor

You can always do a lot with the ceiling and floor decor to align it with your white and gold wedding theme. Install a gold chandelier on the ceiling, or a hanging decor piece, and go for big golden colored vases to decor the corners of the venue with white flowers.

Wedding Favors

Wedding favors are one thing that all the guests get to take along with them after the wedding. To keep the gold and white wedding theme intact, you can use small decor boxes to match the wedding theme for carrying the favors.

Go with this theme if you want a fairytale wedding with some bling. It looks classy, elegant and will definitely turn all heads with these decor ideas.

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