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25+ Banarasi Lehenga That Are So In Trend This Wedding Season!

by Abhigna Ghosh

Do you know why so many brides are going for banarasi lehenga these days? No? Let us tell you. The best part about a banarasi lehenga is that its light-weight and undoubtedly gorgeous. So now that its a hot trend we just cannot let our gorgeous brides miss that out,right?

So here are 25+ gorgeous and super stylish banarasi lehenga that had us crushing over them! What are you waiting for you? Lets check them out!

Gorgeous Pink That Radiate Panache

Aren’t pinks just adorable? We mean, there is unique shade of pink for every mood and every function. And looking at these gorgeous pink banarasi lehenga designs, we don’t know about you but we are surely getting some serious shopping cravings!

Bold and Beautiful Contemporary Style

When it comes to fashion, there is no rule book that you have to go by. Its up to you how you decide experiment and create your own style. Just like this gorgeous bride who had us crushing over her contemporary style, colorful and bold banarasi lehenga.

Authentic Reds In Banarasi Style

How can we talk about bridal lehengas and banarasi fabric and not mention reds? These classy banarasi red lehengas look absolutely regal and we just cannot think of a better alternative to these.

The Art Of Contrast

If you have been following our recent blogs, you would know that this year is all about the trend of contrasts. Be it pairing up your desi banarasi skirt with a western style top and jacket or playing it up with the colors and fabrics, the trend of contrasts is here to stay.

This Ombre Lehenga Is Winning Hearts

We can’t really point out of its the elegant color or the simplicity of the design that makes it look so effortlessly beautiful but the moment we saw this banarasi lehenga , we knew that we just cant let our brides miss this.

The Bride Who Took Instagram By Storm

If you have been doing some research for your bridal outfits, We are sure you must have seen her. Her unique mehendi outfit with the banarasi dupatta cum blouse is definitely worth bookmarking.

Celebs Who Rocked A Banarasi Lehenga

banarasi lehenga
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Manish Malhotra

We understand that your favorite celebrities inspire your taste in fashion to a great extent. So if you are still skeptical about getting your hands on a beautiful banarasi lehenga then you have to check out these gorgeous celebrites flaunting their lehengas.

This Champagne Colored Lehenga

Playing out with unique colors is one of the most important rules of fashion. After all, why stick to what’s regular isn’t it? So here is a gorgeous champagne colored lehenga that is a worthy candidate for your bridal trousseau.

One For Your Love Of Colors

Why just choose one color when you can have them all? Multi- colored lehengas have been trending for quite some time now. So we thought how could we let you miss out on these gorgeous multi-colored banarasi lehenga. Honestly Brides, you have to check these out!

How Beautiful Is This Pink And Yellow Lehenga

This design seriously won our heart. A simple design with these brilliant colors is what can make you effortlessly stylish. Isn’t it absolutely gorgeous?

Anita Dogre’s Aqua Splash

Another unique color in the house. If you think that reds and pinks were the only color that can make your banarasi look super stylish, Anita Dogre has a surprise for you. This refreshing hue of aqua blue is definitely a must see for every bride.

Shades Of Gorgeous Blues

A good news for all the blue lovers. These gorgeous blue banarasi lehenga designs are making brides from all over go crazy with its regal and ultra gorgeous appeal. We definitely vote for it, what about you, ladies?

So there were the 25+ banarasi lehengas that made our heart twinkle. Do try out a banarasi lehenga and share your experience with us because we are eagerly waiting to hear from you!

We wish you all the best for your big day!

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