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55+ Super Stylish Backless Blouse Designs To Flaunt That Sexy Back!

by Tripti Jain

A women’s love for sexy backless blouse knows no bounds. After all, who would say no to a chance to get their dream super hot back snapshots, right? People who talk about sarees being the epitome of elegance and lehengas being synonymous to royalty haven’t ever seen how a backless blouse can outdo both in terms of style.

More and more brides now confidently flaunt what makes them feel sexy which has let to the record-breaking craze of backless blouse designs and we cant help gushing over these stunning designs that are stylish and out-and-out sexy.

Go All Desi With These Indie Styles

Make A Statement With These Bejeweled Designs

Adoring that back with latkans? Nay, these beautiful designs have something better to offer. These bejeweled backless blouse designs have left us speechless and it cant get over how royal and artistic it looks.

A Big Yes For Deep Cuts!

Simple yet downright sexy! A deep cut revealing your back with the thing dori and latkan gives your super traditional blouse and ultra modern and alluring touch.

Quirky Bow Styled Doris

Contemporary fashion is at its best with these super unique yet undoubtedly classy bow styled backless blouses that will make people admire you fashion sense.

Flaunt That Back With A Halter Blouse

Isn’t it amazing that be it your top, or dress or blouse , a halter cut alone can take the glam factor to a whole new level? Oh! and if you choose to add a latkan to it, then get ready to have all the eyes fixed on you for the whole evening.

Steal The Show With Floral Magic

Floral designs have a different appeal to hem. But if you think that delicate and elegant is all that floral designs can over, you have certainly not witnessed its super sexy and tempting form.

A Jewel For Your Precious Day

55+ Super Stylish Backless Blouse Designs To Flaunt That Sexy Back!, IMG 20200811 WA0017 1
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Age old latkan ( which are still highly trending by the way) now have a tough competitor. Yes! We are talking about these gorgeous stone accessories that you can add to your blouse and make all the stares worth it!

Ditch The Straps

Did we just say ditch straps? Yes ladies! We think that when you pose for that back snapshot, a strapless blouse will make your picture way more attractive. What do you think?

Reflect Your Excitement With Mirror Work Latkans

The bond between a blouse and latkan is an age old love story, after all, its only a latkan that completes a blouse and makes it even better. So when choosing a latkan for your backless blouse why not go for these super trendy mirror work latkans?

For The A-Little-Shy Brides

A full blown bare back blouse might be pushing you way to much off your comfort zone. Don’t worry, we got you these half covered yet utterly stunning backless blouse designs.

Ruffles For The Win

How cute is that blouse! Was the first thing that came into our mind when we saw this blouse. Backless blouse and latkans have always been there but this one with the ruffled sleeves is an absolute winner.

A Sweet Message For Your Sweetheart

When in love, we all do stupid yet utterly cute things. So why not surprise your bae with these super cute sheer blouses that has your names embroidered together.

Whimsical Strings For The Win Streak

Ever looked at those sultry almost bare backless blouses styled with criss-crossed strings? Yeah yeah we know that you too are head over heels in love with this utterly glamorous design. So lets us both together shed tears of joy as we let the cupids arrow strike us again in the form of these backless blouses.

Chains For A Change

Bored with latkans? How about chains for a change? Because its not just about baring your back but about revealing in the most tasteful way and nothing can do it better than these group of chains.

Go Bare Back ( Well…Almost)

For the bold brides there who cant get over their well toned backs, yes ladies we understand that you want to flaunt it more. So check out these backless blouse designs with thin strips to get that dream back snapshots.

The Two String Saga

Nothing backs the already sexy backless blouses even more sensuous more the two string style. These choli styled blouses are for all the not-so-shy women out their who would like to raise the temperature with their almost bare backs.

Brownie Points For The Stunning Sheer

The idea of going bare back making you cold feet? Sheer see-through designs to your rescue! Now you can flaunt that back without actually going bare.

Play It Up With The Latkans

Latkans like these are what makes women crave for the backless blouses even more. The colorful latkans swaying as you move will only add up to the that super hot bare back.

The Inverted Triangle Is So In Vogue

Want to flaunt a backless blouse without flaunting way too much? Inverted triangle blouse designs to your rescue! Pair it up with a latkan or go classy with a simple hook, you are all set to make the guests go crazy.

Flaunt Your Back With Sexy Straps

Teasingly flaunting your back with these horizontal straps can be more appealing than going bare back and it also a savior for all those brides who want to spike up their glam factor without revealing a lot.

Brownie Points For The V-Cut

You know it doesn’t take the whole world to get that perfect bridal backless blouse . Just a smart cur at the right place and you will be sweeping people off their feet. Same goes for the simple V-cut, nothing extravagant, yet so voguish and in demand.

The Classic Semi Round Cut

Classic designs never go out fashion , right? So here is one really simple backless blouse design that is overly alluring from front to back and gives your back all the attention that it needs.

One For The Specials

There would always be certain designs that are so unique that they do not fit into a particular category. So here is a separate category dedicated to all the quirky,one and only designs that will drive all the attention to you (and your blouse ofcourse!)

So these were the 55+ backless blouse designs that made us pause and state at them. Tell us your favorite one and which one will inspire your bridal blouse.

We wish you all the best for your big day!

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