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Glamorise Your Big Day with Gorgeous Green Bridal Outfits

by Tripti Jain

Every time someone says ‘bridal outfit’ a royal red lehenga or a shimmery golden attire flashes before our eyes, right? But now that we have started to experiment with colors, one of the most underrated hue has emerged with sheer panache. Yes future brides, we are talking about the color green.

So before you set out to pick up your bridal outfits, check out these super stylish green bridal outfits now!

A Quirky Green Bridal Outfit The Mehendi

Mehendi is one of our favorite functions, why? Because Mehendi offers the best opportunity to experiment with colors and styles. So here are some gorgeous brides who rocked in a green attire.

green bridal outfit
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Twilight Photo & Cinema

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For The Pheras

Ladies, if you think that the glamour of green is only limited to quirky Mehendi outfits, you are wrong. These beautiful brides have ditched the usual wedding color palette of red , pink and pastels and opted for super stylish green lehengas. For the brides looking for a regal look, a green bridal outfit is your perfect match!

Hatke Shades Of Lime & Mint For The Bridechillas

green bridal outfit
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Studio Kelly Photography

We can all vouch for this that last five years have seen tremendous change in bridal brocades. Starting fro various styles, to unconventional designs to off-beat colors, designers and brides are always on the experimenting mode. So here is another duo of off-beat shades of green that are so in trend now!

Six Yards Of The Green Magic

The elegance of saree is simply unmatchable, so when this six yards of sheer elegance teams up with the bold and vibrant green, the result looks no less than a dream for a bride. Don’t believe us? Then let these picture convince you.

Green Ensemble With A Sabyasachi Twist

green bridal outfit
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Sutej Photo

Sabyasachi is now more than just a label, its almost synonymous to bridal attire. One of the best designers who has done true justice to the beauty of this underrated color, his designs have encouraged more and more brides to pick up this off-beat color while we can’t help crushing over it.

A Green Gown That Makes Other Women Jealous

green bridal outfit
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Amit Aggarwal
green bridal outfit
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green bridal outfit
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The color known as the color of jealousy teaming up with these unique and super duper stylish gowns is sure to turn some heads. We are absolutely in love with these gorgeous green bridal outfits and we just can’t help crushing over them, what do you think?

So these were the 25+ green bridal outfits that we are currently crushing on. Don’t forget to tell us your favorite design because we are eagerly waiting to hear from you!

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