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35+ Quirky Concept Sarees That Are Just Perfect For Millenial Brides

by Abhigna Ghosh

Brides, concept sarees are the next big thing! Fashion in today’s times is all about experimenting and conceptualizing off-beat styles and our millennial brides and their favorite designers are not far behind. Gone are the days of those handful ways to style your saree, we understand that brides nowadays need more than just enough and they are definitely getting what they want.

So if you are planning to drape the 9 yards of elegance on mehendi or sangeet ceremony, just take 5 minutes out of your busy schedule and take a look at these totally trendy and hatke saree styles that are sure to be the next big thing

Glamour Up In A Gorgeous Gaurav Gupta Saree

Well, more like a pre-draped saree, Gaurav Gupta seriously has some magic when it comes to sarees. His cape styled blouse designs and the stunning draping styles are one hell of a treat to our eyes.

Its All About Ruffles

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Credits: Unknown

You know how ruffles make any outfit double up in terms of glamour? Guess what happens when its all about ruffles? You don’t need to settle for regular pallu and pleats anymore, now you can have ruffles literally anywhere you want

Pant Styled Sarees Coz Why Not?

We think this is a savior for brides who are not really comfortable moving around in a saree. Well, here is the good news! You can till drape your favorite saree and rock it will full shebang in these super cool pant style sarees.

Trendy Drapes For A Change

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Credits: Unknown
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Credits: Unknown

The way you drape your saree has a lot to do with your overall look and hence its very important to choose the right draping style but that doesn’t mean you should stick to the basics, right? These trendy draping styles will tell you how exactly you can take your fashion game to the next level.

Who Says Your Saree Needs A Pallu?

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Credits: Unknown

Sarees have been always styled in way that has a pallu right across your chest? But who says that sarees need to have a pallu? Well not anymore, we are totally inspired by this unique and never-seen-before draping style

Amit Aggarwal’s Stunning Styling

If there is anyone who has taken the saree fashion to a whole different level, it has to be Amit Agarwal. Each of his draping styles are unique and enough to steal your breath.

Pre-Draped Sarees With Jackets Are The Next Big Thing

We don’t even have to explain why it’s the next big thing. The sheer confidence with which Sonakshi Sinha is flaunting that super gorgeous saree paired up with the jackets speaks for itself.

Tarun Tahilani’s Designs Are Legit Goals

Ever saw an outfit and immediately knew that this is the one that no other outfit can ever beat? Well, same goes for these sarees. Each on them are simply scintillating and gorgeous their fullest and giving us some serious fashion goals.

The Manish Malhotra Magic

A renowed celebrity designer for a reason. His designs can make you feel like you are ready to walk the ramp. Starting for the quirky styles to the stunning shimmers , everything about his designs are just PER-FECT.

Drapes With Belts Are Super Hot

If there is one saree accessory that has captured the fashion industry like no other, then it has to be the belts. The innumerous ways in which these belts help you drape and style a saree is simply a blessing.

Get That Shawl On Brides

It doesn’t always have to be a shawl, any gorgeous dupatta will also do. There is just so much that you can do with just that one piece of extra clothing and these designs show us why we should absolutely try them out!

Its All About The Blouse

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Credits: Unknown

Brides do you have any idea what a drastic change your blouse can bring in your entire saree look? If you are still not convinced then wait no more and check out these crazy blouse designs that are a perfect 10/10.

Dhoti Saree Are So In Trend

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Credits: Unknown

You have definitely heard of these! After all, brides are going gaga over these super cool concept sarees that are not just ravishing but also super easy to carry.

Tassels For The Big Win

Another way to really perk up your blouse is to go for tassels. It not just makes your blouse look a thousand times better but also adds a super sexy feel to your overall outfit that one just cant ignore!

So these were the quirky concept saree ideas that you have to see! Do tell us about your favorite style in the comment section below.

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