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25 Luxurious Sherwani For Grooms Who are Marrying Fashionistas

by Poorna Sundaram
sherwani for groom

Most wedding blogs keep talking about a million different ideas for bridal wear, but what about sherwani for grooms?

If you’re a groom who’s about to marry a fashionista bride who is definitely gonna be on her A-game, well you definitely want to match her level! In this article, we’ve put together 25 luxurious sherwani designs and ideas, and we’ll look at all the top colors and styles for the lovely grooms!

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Pink Sherwani

Pastel Pink, Millenial Pink and Rose Pink sherwanis are great options if you want to rock a modern, sophisticated yet fun and rich look on your wedding day. Usually bedazzled with gold or silver embroidery, these sherwanis look gorgeous on any man and give a youthful look. Moreover, if your bride is wearing a pink lehenga, it’s a great idea to match with her!

Sherwani for groom
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Gold Sherwani

A gold sherwani is a classic sherwani option for grooms because they automatically make anyone look royal and luxurious. Moreover, there is a huge variety of sherwanis available in the color thanks to its popularity. Most bridal lehengas also go well with gold sherwanis so this color is perfect for anyone who wants to stay classic, and just get a fabulous sherwani without much scope for any mistakes.

Blue and Green Sherwani

From pastels to dark shades to mixed shades, greens and blues are becoming popular colors for wedding sherwani for grooms. This is a unique color palette and is perfect for all the experimental and fun-loving grooms out there who want to wear something away from the norm.

White sherwani

Another classic option for wedding sherwani is a white sherwani. Practically suits everyone, and you have a whole variety of styles available in the color due to its high demand – anything from long straight sherwanis to anarkali sherwanis. Much like gold sherwanis, the white ones also go with any color, so you don’t have to worry about matching with the bride’s outfit.

sherwani for groom
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Black Sherwani

Nothing says elegance, sophistication, luxury and mystery like the color black. If those adjectives describe the look you’re going for, you should definitely consider a black sherwani! A black sherwani with silver or gold embroidery looks extremely neat and classic and suits most people extremely well.

That was our take on 25 sherwanis for grooms marrying fashionistas! Which one was your favourite?

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