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Top Indian Designer Every Bride Has To Know Before Finalising Her Bridal Outfits

by Tripti Jain

The day an Indian girl witnessed a bride walk down the stairs in a vibrant and gorgeous lehenga is the day she starts dreaming about her own wedding and what could be more important to her than her wedding lehenga? We understand that you spend long hours researching about the best designers for your wedding so we have gone a step forward and helped you narrow down the search to the top 18 Indian designer you have to know about before you start planning you outfit.

Sabyasachi Mukherjee

There is a reason why he is the king of pastel hued creations. Be it a traditional red lehenga for you wedding or a light multi-hued lehenga for your mehendi, you can blindly pick up a Sabyasachi outfit and be sure to never regret it. However, among all, his beautiful creations his romantic pastels are our personal favorite.

Rimple & Harpreet

Known for their heavy and gorgeous lehengas that are inspired from the Mughal painting and with a slight vintage touch, Rimple & Harpreet’s lehenga radiates royalty and class and you want to go for an all desi designer lehenga, this is one of your best choice.

Manish Malhotra

A popular name in the B-town, you can clear;y understand that his designs are definitely one of the best! Be it a gown for your cocktail party or a your wedding lehenga, each Manish Malhotra design will sweep you off your feet.

Gaurav Gupta

Speaking of gowns, how can we forget about the king of wedding gowns? Be it your reception party or your bachelorette party, his designers gowns will make you want to ditch the ethnics and the set the stage on fire in his brilliant creations.

Shayamal & Bhumika

Long veils? Princess like dupatta? Everything adds an extra dramatic touch to a normal wedding dress is what Shyamal & Bhumika specialize in and we cant help falling for their unique designs!

Even more beautiful than the wedding story she shares are her lehenga designs. From a minimalist pastel lehenga to a heavy embroidered full blown traditional lehenga, there is no style that’s this queen of wedding fashion cannot nail!

Seema Gujral

Seema Gujral’s designs are a one stop destination for every bride. From flared floral lehengas to a tempting shimmery net lehengas, she has got everything covered. After all, who doesn’t like some variety, isn’t it?

Ridhi Mehra

If anyone can master the art of elegance without taking away an inch of traditional glamour its her. One of our favorite designer, her voguish designs never fail to impress us and we are absolutely crazy for her stunning designs!

Suneet Verma

We think this picture is enough to justify why this brilliant designer is on this list. Just look at the beautiful floral gown, There is no bride in this world who wont fall for this stunning outfit.

Payel Keyal

This brilliant designer has managed to carve out a special place for herself. Be it a tasteful work in pastels or a intricate embroidery detailing on a dark red lehenga, Payal Keyal’s brides can effortlessly make the guests go gaga over their wedding lehengas.

Sandeep Khosla

If you are looking for authentic Indian style then you should definitely check out his designs. His lehengas and sarees can be used to represent Indian culture, that’s how deep his designs dive into our roots making them so real and ethnic.

Tarun Tahiliani

Have you ever seen certain brides that walk with such panache that you automatically admire them? Well a huge part of your confidence comes from your outfit and that’s were Tarun Tahilani steps in to make your work easier. His lehengas are low-key yet sophisticated in a very stylish way and we absolutely love his designs!

Anju Modi

She is not your usual wedding designers with the quintessential features of an Indian wedding lehenga in the usual colors but what she brings to the plate is surely going to make you want to take extra snapshots of your wedding lehenga.

Anushree Reddy

Another favorite Indian designers whose designs are simple love ! And why not? We had a hard time deciding we design should we put up here to show you because all her designs are simple breathtaking. Be it a super gorgeous red lehenga like this or a simple elegant gown that shimmers, she works like magic on everything!

Fagunishanepeacock India

Her lehengas are a voguish break from the usual traditional lehengas. If there would ever be a queen of stylish wedding lehengas that blow your mind with their unique work and detailing but with a modern twist, its undoubtedly her.

Neeta Lulla

What is the first word that came to your mind after you saw this lehenga? For us, we were left speechless! We couldn’t think of anything but just zoom in and stare at the skillful detailing all over the gorgeous lehenga and that absolutely ravishing long dupatta.

Anamika Khanna

If you have a taste in skillful artistic depictions on your lehenga, then Anamika Khanna can be your go to designer but wait! Is that all that she can offer? Of course not! Her kind of fashion is what satiates a bride with a craving for high-end fashion that’s quirky and absolutely chic!

Ritu Kumar

If super stylish yet low-key in a sophisticated and elegant way is what defines your personal style the best then just look no more and go for a Ritu Kumar designed lehenga. From tasteful selection of vibrant colors to delicate embroidery embellished with tiny little stones, her designs are a complete package of everything you want.

So these were the top 18 Indian designer that you have to know about before you plan your wedding lehenga. Do let us know who you pick we would love to know your experience!

All the best!

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