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18 Gorgeous Pink Lehengas That Are Made Of Dreams

by Abhigna Ghosh

Not being presumptuous brides but we all know that most girls have a secret soft corner for pink lehengas in their heart, especially when it comes to wedding lehengas. After all, pink is known as a women’s favorite color. Not going by the social stereotypes but if you want some serious fashion advice then let us tell you that pink lehengas are the trending hot among brides and our creative designers and brides have come up with stunning and unique ways to perk up regular pink lehengas.

Trust us, when we saw these gorgeous lehengas our first thought was We just cannot let our brides miss these! So here we are again with fashion inspiration from brides and their dreamy pink lehengas.

Trails and Embroidery For A Glamorous Effect

We think the feminine charm that the shade of pink brings along with it gets multiplied by several times when accompanied by a trail. Its like a complete package for your dreamy fairy like outfit that is sure to make your special day extra special.

Speaking Of Trails…Let’s Not Forget Dupatta Trails

Here is another superstar from the trail category. Yep! We are hinting at mystical dupatta trails in a surreal shade of pink with tiny floral motifs that surely is a perfect 10/10.

Scalloped Lehengas Are Super Stylish

The little edges on your lehenga might seem like a big difference to you but it surely makes an overall impact that makes your lehenga look several times better. Just like this gorgeous pink scalloped lehenga with a huge flare that will make your twirling snapshots memorable.

Velvets Are Simple Class

Yes, you read that right. There are some outfits that are unique and there are some that utterly gorgeous but there very few outfits that radiates sheer class. A hint of elegance and beauty without seeming too gaudy. If this sounds like your style mantra, the you definitely need to check out velvet lehengas.

Banarasi Lehengas For A Royal Walk

Bengalis’ love for banarasi brocade speaks volumes about their remarkable taste in fashion and honestly brides, we too are a huge fan of banarasi lehengas. We mean, they are gorgeous, they are light-weight and the designs are simple ravishing. What’s not to like, isn’t it?

Gorgeous Tulle Lehenga

pink lehenga
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Credits: Unknown

Another popular trend that brides are going crazy about! Its not just about the texture or the look of the fabric but overall glamour that it effortlessly adds to literally any lehenga design is what makes it so special.

How Beautiful Is This Hot Pink Lehenga!

Want to look super hot? Try a hot pink lehenga! Not kidding brides, honestly hit pink is one of the most attractive shades of pink that looks absolutely stunning regardless of the design or the way you style it and this bride is totally nailing this look

Ruffles In A Gorgeous Pink

We personally love ruffles! Reason? Because it makes you look beautiful effortlessly. No heavy embroidery no metal sequins, all that you need is some ruffles and you are ready to steal the show

Pair It Up With A Cape Style Dupatta

Want to spice up your lehenga? Style it up with a cape style dupatta. This gorgeous organza pink dupatta in a unique cape style looks fabulous in the shade of hot pink paired with the pink banarasi skirt and we just can’t help gushing over this spectacular style.

This Pink Bandhani Dupatta Looks Surreal

Your pink lehenga doesn’t have to follow the usual styling trends, you can go all quirky with gorgeous bandhani dupattas with pearl tassels and an extensive golden embroidery looks heavenly.

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These Brides Dazzled In Their Contrasting Lehengas

If you have noticed carefully, contrasts have been trending for quite some time now and with obvious reason. Just have a look at this spectacular combination of pink and blue donned by the first bride and the gorgeous combination of blue white and pink, isn’t it simply beautiful?

How Pretty Are These Blush Pink Lehengas?

pink lehenga
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Credits: Unknown
pink lehenga
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Credits: Unknown

If you ask us about one of your favorite shades of pink, blush pink has to be one. A sober and serene shade matched with delicate silver and golden prints is definitely an outfit made of dreams

So these were our favorite pink lehengas that looked absolutely stunning and these beautiful brides carried it with such panache that we had to bookmark them all!

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