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20 Gorgeous Bridal Trail Lehengas and Gowns That Made Our Jaws Drop!

by Tripti Jain

Your bridal lehenga is all about putting all those years of dreams into that one dream outfit for your dream wedding. In the age of Instagram and themed weddings, a regular bridal lehenga might not attract much attention. So ladies, you have to go beyond the usual trends and get something that makes all the heads turn in amazement. After all, it’s your day and deserve all the attention.

We have an idea, how about a lehenga with a long ,beautiful trail? Yes, trail lehengas/gowns are quite a thing now and why not, after all which bride doesn’t want to add a little drama to her bridal outfit? So here are 20 long trail lehengas and gowns that made our heart skip a beat and certainly deserve a glance from you.

Royal Red And Long Trail Is A Match Made In Heaven

No matter how many new trends kick in, Red will always succeed in making people gasp in amazement, after all no other color can celebrate love better than red and when you pair that up with a dramatic long trail, we are quite sure that it all your guests and your husband-to-be will be swept off their feet just like you will be once you take a look at these gorgeous trail lehengas.

Romantic Pastel Lehengas With Trails Is Simple A Dream

You know why pastels are so popular? Because they give off a dreamy , princess like elegant feel and you know why trails are so in trend now? Because they too give off a dreamy, princess like elegant feel. So when these two epitome of elegance team up, you just can’t imagine how magical and surreal your outfit will look but you can certainly see below right now!

Extravagant Lehengas With Extravagant Trails

Extravagant lehengas with extravagant trails? Ooohh! that sounds like something that can satiate the demands of the little desi girl living in your heart who demands a big fat Indian wedding with the whole shebang. Meanwhile, take some inspiration and drool over these gorgeous trail lehengas.

Leave Behind A Trail Of Floral Motifs

Yes ladies! Our favorite floral motifs has also found its way to these gorgeous long trail lehengas. After all, when that beautiful trail follows you, why not add up to its glamour with heavily embroidered floral motifs ? Still not convinced? Well, take a look at these gorgeous brides and you will surely change your mind.

Shimmer With A Silver Trail

When its a night function, silver outfits really take the glam factor a notch high. These are some of the prettiest silver lehengas that we have ever seen . Laced with sheer elegance without compromising the Indie taste these lehengas are certainly worth adding to your bridal trousseau.

Set Major Goals With These Blue Lehengas

Dodging usual reds,goldens and silvers and going beyond the trend of pastel, brides nowadays are experimenting with more and more colors for their bridal lehenga and one their favorites are the serene shades of blue that look so magical and so stylish that it would make you want to ditch all the usual wedding colors.

So these were the long trail lehengas that won our heart with their uniqueness and style. So which did you like the most? Let us know in the comment section below we would love to hear from you!

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