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17 Fancy Bridal Gowns That Made Us Go ‘ Wow!’

by Tripti Jain

For all the brides looking for a break from the usual heavy lehenags and sarees, we have some good news for you. Bridal gowns have taken a steady growth over the years and are now one of the most trending bridal outfits competing well with lehengas and sarees.

We understand its your special say and you want to enjoy to the fullest! So why not step into a gorgeous bridal gown that is easy to carry yet unbeatable in terms of glamour. So whats stopping you? Check out these amazing bridal gowns now!

Dusty Rose Organza Gown

A gorgeous sculptural detailing on the bodice with a multi layered skirt in the unique hue of dusty rose looks stunning on this gorgeous bride and we are certainly smitten by this.

Champagne Swirl Sculpture Gown

Another Gaurav Gupta masterpiece that stole our heart! Known for his signature sculptural detailing and ruffle effects on the gown this gorgeous swirl sculpture gown in the brilliant he of champagne is certainly one of his winning designs.

The Fun Blue-White Duo

Before we dive into full blown gorgeous gowns for the night functions, we want you to check out this fun and light gown that is stylish, easy to carry and so apt for your mehendi function.

The Golden Ensemble

Take your love for glittery golden a step ahead will this all golden ensemble. The corset structured gown embellishes with shimmering strips of golden reflects sheer panache.

Fuschia Lehenga Cum Gown

Trisha Datwani’s bridal outfit story is worth sharing. This gorgeous bride who went in search of a bridal lehenga fell in love with Gaurav Gupta’s princess like ball gown and this skillful designer instantly sketched a lehenga version of that beautiful gown and here she is , all dressed up in a stunning lehenga cum gown in the unique shade of Fuschia for her varmala.

White Gown With Dramatic Trails

Gowns with dramatic trails have always been our favorite for the royal feel they reflect but this one has raised the standard of reception gowns to a whole different level. The gorgeous detachable trail is intricately hand embroidered on pure raw silk and has definitely managed to take our breaths away!

Petal Pink Cascading Gown

The gorgeous bodice with a partial sculptural detailing attached to embroidered satin strips along with the beautiful skirt with a cascading effect in the shade of petal pink is definitely a must-have outfit in your bridal trousseau .

A Dramatic Mermaid Gown

We have never seen a mermaid gown this beautiful! Although her entire look including the cute tiara is simply impeccable.The detailed cold-shoulder gown fitted with a long and dramatic mermaid like trail is the best mermaid gown you will ever come across.

Green Ball Gown

This couple is setting some major goals with their color coordinated outfit. This corset structured ball gown is bringing in some serious romantic vibes and you get to stand out from the usual wedding colors!

The Brown Floral Gown

More and more brides are ditching heavy bridal gowns nowadays and going for something that speaks the language of class and elegance. This graceful gown with the v-neckline and floral embroidery looks absolutely wow!

Red With Ruffled Trailing Dupatta

Maybe you are the one getting married but when we laid our eyes on these absolute masterpiece, trust us when we say this, we absolutely fell in love. Just look at it, The gorgeous ruffled dupatta with the long trail and the in the mesmerizing shade of the color of love! Whats not to love about this stunning reception gown?

Pink Fur Skirt

Looks like there is a new addition in the list of trends. This unique conceptualized gown has blown our mind. An off-shoulder bodice designed with a regular textile paired with a soft fur skirt? Looks like something the fashionista brides would be interested in.

Carmine Red Sculpted Gown

If ” happily ever after” had an outfit version then we are pretty certain that it would look like this. Gowns like these can make anyone want to get married . We are certainly bookmarking this, what about you?

Swan White Ruffled Gown

Your family might freak out if you suggest to wear a white gown on your reception but ladies, this day is never going to come back. Don’t let anything stop you from donning this ravishing ruffled organza gown with a neckline worth drooling over!

Red Multi-Layered Gown

Oh My God! Are you also staring at the charming multi layered red skirt? Because we are certainly bowled over by this gorgeous design and that sculpted off-shoulder blouse certainly acts like the cherry on top.

Swirling Lava Gown

 The lava grey curvilinear embroidered sheath gown with dramatic ruffled floor sweeping trails extending from the shoulders for this gorgeous brides’s palatial reception is sure to give you some serious feel of princess wedding. This isn’t a ususal voluminous gown that turns up in almost every reception party but its totally a worthy candidate for your bridal trousseau.

So these were the top 17 bridal gowns that are definitely a deserving candidate for your bridal trousseau. Let us know which design inspired you the most and we definitely want to know about your experience too.

We wish you all the best for your big day!

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