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20+ Amazing Floral Mehendi Designs

by Tripti Jain

Are you a Mehendi lover? Do you like floral Mehendi designs? Well, floral mehndi is something that never goes out of trend. It’s an all-time favourite, so we have collected some fantastic floral Mehendi designs for you. 

Check it out! 

1. Central Flower Design

The large central flower on the front and back of the hand is the main attraction of floral henna designs. It takes very little time to create this design compared to other designs, and yet it looks fantastic. 

2. Full Floral Bouquet

This full floral mehendi design for brides with roses intertwined between the the floral vines. It is a mirror image pattern on hands going up to the elbow.

3. Flower with mesh pattern

This bridal henna artwork has big roses on the wrist and finishing with a mesh and petal patterns to contrast well with outfit embroidery. The intricate and detailed pattern inside the flowers and fine work

20+ Amazing Floral Mehendi Designs, Flowers and mesh pattern
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4. Royal Garden Mehendi Pattern

Another floral theme style containing King (Groom) and Queen (Bride) in their royal gardens with peacocks, roses and summer flowers. Don’t miss out the details like incorporating table and jhumki showing each others likes.

5. Big Flower Design with Jewellery Look

This design is mostly created on the back of the hand. The end of the flower is bound with the look of hand jewellery. This design gives such a fantastic look that ladies love to have it for even any small function.

6. Delicate Flower Design

This design trails on the part of the sides on hand with small details on the tips to the wrist. If you like simple yet fancy Mehendi design, then go for this. 

7. One Pattern Completing Two Hands

This design shows its charm when you put your hands together. This design contains some amazing clean curves which add glam in the whole design. 

8. Leg Anklet Design

If you love simple mehndi design for your leg, then this one’s for you. It contains details of the leg jewellery anklet, and it looks incredible.

9. Floral Design with shades

One can literally notice the fantastic shade along with the flowers. This design is for the art lover. It gives a very unique look for any function. 

10. Flower and leaf pattern

This design has flowers with multiple leaf pattern perfectly complementing the theme of the mehndi function for either a bride or their besties!.

20+ Amazing Floral Mehendi Designs, Flower and leaf design
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11. Full Hand Flower Design

This floral mehndi design is for those who love full hand designs. This design contains big as well as detailed flowers, and it looks amazing. 

12. Full Flower Back Hand Design

This design is for backhand, and it contains flowers in amazing details. 

12. Minimalist floral design for Hands and Feet

This one is for those minimalist bride who like make statement with less density but more details in the pattern. This floral pattern for feet on ankles and toes is just what a minimalist bride might want.

13. Sharp Flower Along With Details Design

This design is eye-catching because of the sharp flowers and the detailing. If you love full hand henna designs, then go for this. 

14. Flower Roll Design

The design in patter off roll looks impressive. This design is ideal for marriage or traditional function. It goes well along with traditional outfits. 

15. Flower Band Design For Hands

This design is so unique that one can never resist. Moreover, it goes along with traditional as well as western outfits. 

16. Dark Flower Design:

If you are a floral Mehendi lover and looking for a unique pattern, then this design is for you. It’s such a simple yet elegant design. 

17. Unique Flower pattern

Floral mehndi designs has a lot to offer. For example, take this design. It’s so unique and amazing that is all goes with any outfit and occasion. 

18. Small Flower Design

This Small-flower design contains different types of small flowers throughout the design, along with detailing. The stroke of henna lines of outer petals gives a nice contrasting shade in the mehndi.

20+ Amazing Floral Mehendi Designs, Small Flower Pattern
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19. Flower Print Mehendi

This design looks like a print of flowers, and it gives a fantastic look. It contains the design of different flowers, including lotus. Isn’t it amazing!

20. Small Floral pattern front and back of hands

If you like those detailed mehendi patterns with so much with small detailed patterns, and want it all around your hands front & back. This one will surely be one to save.

Looking for more inspiration, see Mehndi artists that you should follow to updates yourself with creative and ubercool henna styles!

Which design do you like the most? 

Do you know any such amazing floral Mehendi design? Make sure to share it with us. 

Ohh, and don’t forget to share the articles with friends and family who love floral mehndi designs. 

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