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Step-by-step Guide to Postponing your wedding due to CoVid-19!

by Tripti Jain
Step-by-step Guide to Postponing your wedding due to CoVid-19!, Postponing your wedding
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Postponing your wedding can be very challenging and can have huge cost impacts if not thought out carefully. Especially for Asian wedding which have multiple events and runs for a few days, it is even tougher to manage.

Coronavirus has changed everyone’s life. The Government advice is to avoid mass gatherings. Where you can’t see your friends and family, how can you even think of getting married without them. So, it seems clear that postponing your wedding is the best thing right now.

So, if you’re considering postponing your wedding for now, below checklist will help you reorganise the events relatively easily.


  1. Make up your Mind
  2. Decide the next potential dates/month
  3. Understand your contracts
  4. Inform Venues to Reschedule/Cancel
  5. Talk to Suppliers/Artists
  6. Take Wedding Insurance
  7. Inform Guests
  8. Be positive
  9. Kickstart planning your new day

1. Make up your mind to postpone

First things first, you should make up your mind whether you wish to postpone it or have a small function instead. It is always difficult to plan anything when in two minds. It will certainly help discussing with your closed family and friends. See the factors that should consider to help making this decision.

WedMePlz Advice: “Right down Pros and Cons of the situations that you have in mind to ease your decision. Cancellation and rescheduling costs is one of the major factor that can heavily affect your decision. Be mindful of that before going down this road”

2. Decide your next potential dates/month

Choose a few possible postponement dates/month for your events that would fit your theme you were planning. Consider the uncertain environment and plan for a flexible schedule. Think about how you could make it safer for the guests to attend. Although things have started to open up but one knows how long this will take to go back to normal situation. Moreover, if you are still waiting for your wedding outfits the chances are they will be delayed too since most of the bridal wear and accessories are made in India/ Pakistan. These countries are completely shut down and pandemic has not even reached its peak.

WedMePlz Advice: “Don’t plan anything before September unless necessary since it might take longer to attain some sort of normalcy. You might also consider postponing it until next year if you still want to do summer outdoor weddings”

3. Understand Your Contracts

Read the contract you have signed before talking to any of wedding vendors team and understand what you can change it. This will serve as a very good negotiation strategy. In case you and vendors can not reach an amicable solution and you are looking to take refund rather than allow postponement, it is highly likely that you may need to consult the lawyer or raise a claim in county court as per your contract. It is understandable on their part as they are running a business and feeling the pressure of coronavirus recession. If they refund money for all their customers, it becomes hard for them to survive in such a competitive industry. So, it’s important to take out all your receipts and read terms and conditions carefully and see what best can be done. 

Also, check if you have paid a deposit or full payment and check with the supplier about whether there are any rescheduling costs for changing the date. At the moment, most venues and suppliers are trying to very flexible so it shouldn’t be an issue.

WedMePlz Advice: “Its always best to know your contract details and rights for negotiations. But, try to keep yourself flexible and stress free. The simple way is to retain your wedding supplier team as much as possible, keep your current venue and suppliers. You already have a good relationship with them; they will do the best they can to keep their commitment.”

3. Inform Venues ASAP to Reschedule/Cancel

Now that you have read the contracts, you should get in touch with your vendors to discuss all the if’s and but’s. Discuss with them what is the best way to proceed in order to fit overall theme within the time frame and planned theme. 

Firstly, talk to the venues team about possible rescheduling dates since venue is where everything comes together from decor, food, DJ to anything we can think of and one of most expensive part of the wedding. The weddings attract large gathering and is the last thing on the government’s list of relaxing. If the venues will not be allowed to host the wedding on your current date, and they will be more than happy to give a later date to accommodate your postponement plans. If they insist on committing to current date, ask them about their preparation to ensure the safety of everyone attending the wedding as this is the very basic requirement of a venue.

Contact your vendors as early as you can and check their availability for the date you are thinking of postponing your wedding to give yourself the best chance of securing your preferred date.

WedMePlz Advice: “First discuss with Venue before any other vendor, then talk with your other vendors on the agreed date. Don’t overthink and discuss with your supplier, and also understand its hard time for them as well. Keep calm and be patient, give them some time to them to rethink and offer you the best solution.”

4. Talk to Suppliers/Artists

Once the date with your venue is agreed, it would be very easy to know what to talk to with your other suppliers and artists. For your wedding wear and accessories, most supplier would be happy to provide your store credit if the work on your dress hasn’t been started yet. However, the scenario will be completely dependent on which stage of wedding planning you were with your supplier when lock down started. Knowing your contract details comes handy here.

Same would be case with the artists: photographer, makeup artist, haristylist, mehndi artist and entertainment team. Securing the date is comparatively easier with them as with the venue. Since their work start closer to or on wedding date, their cost incurred would be much less as compared to your suppliers. But, sooner you discuss with them then better are your chances to be fitted in for your preferred date. Also, don’t forget to ask them about fail safe plans in case the mehndi or makeup artist couldn’t make it. This would give you peace of mind knowing that each of your vendor has much need backup plans in these uncertain times.

WedMePlz Advice: “Discuss the possibilities with each of your vendors. Understand their limitations and legal commitments. Check with your artist for redundancy in their team. In case they can’t make it, someone else can fill in for them and they have a back up to not leave you stranded.”

5. Take Wedding Insurance

It would be a good idea to take wedding insurance this time. It is more important than it has ever been in case there are further complications to the plans. It generally cost only 5% of your total wedding costs. Insurance would help put your nerves to ease. Read through your insurance thoroughly, and make sure you are covered for major expense reimbursement if their is further postponement.

WedMePlz Advice: “Take the insurance. Read the contract thoroughly and don’t forget to check the excess”

6. Inform Your Guests

If you have ticked all the above, the hard part is all done. Now all you need to do is make sure that your wedding still remains entertaining and memorable for everyone. It would be best to inform your other guests about postponing the wedding. You can include some quirky ideas but the easiest way would be through emails and broadcast message on whatsapp. You may want to notify some people with personalised messages. Draft your message very simple and to the point. Make them aware of the arrangements. Give them multiple ways to be part of your wedding. You could include live video calling/messages to those who can’t make it.

WedMePlz Advice: “We will suggest you to do video calls to elderly guests. It may cheer them up in this loneliness. Give your guests flexible options to join your wedding.”

7. Be positive

We understand it’s hard and how to deal with it, it’s a difficult situation. You had your heart all set on a date which you are planning for long and now changing it, it’s upsetting. Keep yourself positive, now you have a bit more time to plan. Maybe take sometime to relax yourself.

WedMePlz Advice: “Be positive and enjoy your time with family and quality time with your partner.”

8. Kickstart Planning the New Day

Stay calm and positive, set a new date, tell your venues and suppliers. Plan your day keeping in mind which you already have and settle. 

WedMePlz Advice: “ If you have planned the date later in the year, you’re probably getting married in a completely different season.”

Not an easy task to arrange and set everything up from start, but stay relaxed and cheer up. It’s your day, you have to make it special and celebrate as you want to. 

Do you know any friend or relative who is planning to postpone it? Share this list with them to give them much needed support!

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