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15+ Unique Mehendi Designs for Kids Hands– Check Out Now!

by Tripti Jain

Many of us still remember how we used to love having henna on our hands and feet when we were kids. One reason kids love marriage function is henna and we all know that. Mehendi is a big trend nowadays and there’s so much to explore from design to color and more. 

But, hey, we are here to discuss kids mehendi design ideas because they also love Mehendi. Putting henna on those tiny little hands may sound easy, but choosing the design is tough. Also, kids don’t like to sit for longer to finish an intricate mehendi on them. So, we have listed some unique and simple mehendi designs for kids here which are highly recommendable for their hands. 

Just check it out! 

Small Flowers All Over

This design gets done very quickly and looks very pretty. The kids will love it so they won’t remove it for sure. 

Butterfly Design

This butterfly and stars design is so cute and resonates with little bridesmaids. This design is best for 2 to 3 years old. 

Flower Pattern

This mehendi design is ideal for kids aged between 4 to 6. Their hands and wrist are just enough space to fit the pattern perfectly.

Big Flower Design On Palm

This design is most loved by kids. It’s a bit more intricate than the coin shape, and kids love to show this type of henna patterns on their palms. Just make this design on both palms of your kid and see the happiness on their face. 

Fancy Flower Roll

If your kid loves henna and will be able to sit still for a while then get this design. It’s lovely! 

Simple Mehendi Art

Kids have no demand and that’s why they are best. This random Mehendi art is a simple DIY type easy and amazing designs idea which can even be done on kids hands by their elders sisters or a learning mehendi artist.

Alphabet Pattern

Sometimes you know that your kid will not sit for longer and ruin the henna as soon as possible. Well, we have a design for you. Get this alphabet design. It’s easy to draw, and it also dries quickly. Kids love their initials on their palms, or better yet you can have bride and grooms initials on their each hand. This will surely make for very good mehendi shots.

Jewellery Design

This design is best for the kids who love jewellery as the design is placed like jewellery. Since, the childern can’t accessorise too much, this pattern made in hathphool shape is perfect as the fake jewellery for those little bridesmaids who are looking to match the bride (Chachi’s, or Maasi’s) sangeet look. You could also go with kadda designs on wrists.

Detailed Henna Design

This amazing piece of henna art is for kids who love the henna design and can sit for a while to get it. This intricate design will look perfect and matching for younger sister or cousin when bride also goes for similar pattern with much denser work.

Elephant Design

Kids love animals and that’s why we added this design in the list. Elephants, Unicorn or any of their favourite animal will surely make for unique and personalised mehendi design for kids.

Cartoon/Superhero Design

Cartoon design is another beautiful concept for kids mehendi. All you need to do is get their favourite cartoon design or superhero and you’ll see they never get enough of it. 

Simple Mandala Design With Fingers Art

Kids always love mandala art on their palm. Just get those amazing finger designs along with the mandala and it’s done. 

Side Rolls Design

If you want to go with something different for your kids, then go for this design. 

Hearts all over

Just like the cartoon design, superhero art never goes out of love, and little ones always have at least one superhero they are crazy about.

Artistic Henna Design

This design is a combination of so many patterns and arts with Mandala designs.

Do you have any such kids special Henna designs? Do not forget to share it with us. 

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