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#PicturePerfect: 35 Sea-Side Pre Wedding Shoot Ideas That You Have To Screenshot!

by Abhigna Ghosh

Weddings are nothing without capturing the happy little moments on your pre wedding shoot that you want to cherish for the rest of your life but before all the functions begin, your love needs to be captured in a little more romantic way in locations that take your breath away. That’s why sea-side locations are so popular among couples to plan their perfect pre-wedding shoot.

Incase you are planning for a serene pre-wedding shoot by the mesmerizing blue sea and the cold white sand, here are a list of our favorite pre-wedding shoots by the beach that you can definitely take inspiration from.

The Picture Isnt Perfect Without A Splash Of Blue

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We know that you are dying to get a perfect snapshot with your bae but you know what? Sometimes little messy things actually make your “perfect” a thousand times better. Same goes for a splash of water for your beachside shoot.

The Iconic Cruise Pictures

We think every desi child who grew up watching Titanic has this idea that makes them believe that ships and cruises are something exceptionally romantic and truth to be told, THEY ARE ! So when its a once in a lifetime opportunity then why not hop onto a cruise and fulfill your dream romantic getaway into the sea while getting the most romantic pictures ever!

A Heart For Your Sweetheart

Marriage is going from drawing a heart beside their name to making hearts on your pre-wedding shoot and if you are lucky enough, you might also get the nature to give you a hand in that.

For The Couples Who Like To Go Wild

Not every couple is looking for a romantic getaway to capture their moments of love on their pre wedding shoot. Some like to a go on a little adventure. Whether its the hidden beaches or finding unknown places, if you would like to pack your bags and take a dip into the blue while exploring things then this one is for you.

And She Said Yes!

Yes we know that you were on cloud nine when he proposed and you said yes and you haven’t stopped going gaga over the ring ever since but how about you take it out for one last time and place it into the frame for your pre wedding shoot? After all, a dreamy ring can give you a dreamy picture.

Coz Boats Are Always Romantic

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Just the cruise and ships, boats always have been a symbol of romance. Just look at it, the serene blue water, the endless sky and you sailing with your partner in a blissful silent making memories of a lifetime, what’s not to like, right?

Get The Perfect Sunset Framed Forever

Nothing more delightful than a perfect sunset backdrop for your romantic pre wedding shoot, agreed? The endless sky with sea sending waves as its blessings towards you, if you are hopeless romantic then you know that you want this bad for your pre wedding shoot

Nights On White Sand Are Something Special

Read this, close your eyes and imagine this. The dark sky of the night adorned with a million stars meeting the dark sea that goes all in a brilliant contrast against the cool white sand under your feet while you sit with your love in surrounded by romantic fairy lights or candles with some champagne , talking about life and trying to capture the moment in your heart forever. Now tell us, did that make you smile? We rest our case here.

A Walk By The Beach Before The Miles Ahead To Reach

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No picture can capture and reflect the true meaning of marriage better than these pictures. The journey that you are about to the start with your partner, holding their hand and being by their side can be beautifully depicted in these romantic snapshots of you and your partner walking by the beach, agreed?

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