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8 Incredible Pre Wedding Photoshoot Ideas for The Bride and Her Bridal Party

by Tripti Jain
Bride and bridesmaids outdoor photoshoot

Well, every bride-to-be dreams of an exciting, heartwarming, and memorable wedding and invests time and effort in all the nitty-gritties of the event to make sure it’s perfect. So, it’s only natural that they want to preserve all the beauty of their wedding for years through breathtaking photos. However, photoshoots, especially group photoshoots can be tricky and awkward if done wrong. But don’t worry brides, in this blog post we’ve got your back with 8 easy and foolproof pre wedding photoshoot ideas for the bride and her bridal party – Yes, including poses for the photoshoot!

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1. Take It Outdoors

If your venue has green outdoors, you HAVE to try an outdoor photoshoot with your girlfriends! With the natural background and your extravagant outfits, be ready to look like royal fairies in your pictures, strolling through the alluring greenery of nature.

2. Help The Bride

Photographs are great storytellers and act as a great intermediary to portray the emotions and feelings of the subjects being photographed, and what better way to tell the story of your friendship than to help your beloved bride get ready for her big day?

3. Use the props!

Bored of the norms and want to take it out of the box? Use props! Shades, flowers, petals, heck, even umbrellas! Use any items that go with your aesthetic to upgrade your photos, don’t shy away. The sky is your limit.

4. Color Coordinating

A foolproof way to make your group photos look great is just color coordinating. Yes, it may seem extremely obvious, but it’s surprising how many people forget it. These color-coordinated photos not only bring uniformity to the bridal party, but they also make the bride stand out and take the spotlight on her special day.

5. Quintessential Mehndi Photoshoot

This goes without saying, but capturing those beautiful intricate henna designs on the hands of the bride and her bride squad is always a must! Mehndi designed hands are a photoshoot opportunity gift wrapped for you, so make use of them.

mehendi bridal poses
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mehndi photo idea
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mehendi photoshoot
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6. Add A Little Geometry

Creating symmetrical shapes can actually be a great idea for poses for photoshoot for the gorgeous girls. These shapes create a familiarity for the eyes, thus making the photos look extremely pleasing for the viewer, satisfying their natural urge for symmetry.

bridesmaid photoshoot
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7.Don’t Miss Out on The Haldi Ceremony

Haldi is a pre wedding ritual with great potential for a photoshoot with the bridesmaids as it gives you the perfect opportunity for group pictures with bright shades of yellow and uniform colors.

8. And Of Course, Candids

Yes, while all the above ideas are great, nothing can replace the feel of candids and the natural, raw emotions they bring to the picture. Sometimes, it’s better to forget poses for the photoshoot and just be in the moment- after all, authenticity shines brighter than pretense.

So those were our picks for the Top 8 incredible Pre Wedding Photoshoot ideas for the bride and her bridal party. Hopefully, we helped ease the pressure on your shoulders for your special day. Feeling a bit more confident about the poses for your photoshoot with the girls? Do let us know your favorite ideas, and don’t forget to reach out to us if you want to get featured in our Real Weddings section.

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