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20 Glamorous Sangeet Outfit Ideas That Will Bring Out Your Inner Dancing Queen!

by Poorna Sundaram
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North Indian Weddings are known for their glamour, grandeur, and cultural overload, and the ceremony that is the physical embodiment of all those adjectives is none other than the Sangeet! A ceremony bursting with joyous singing, Bollywood dances by friends and family, this is one ceremony anyone is bound to enjoy to bits. Well, other than the shy ones who refuse to dance of course.

But coming to the point, on this ultra filmy day, every bride wants to look like an absolute diva. And guess what? We’ve got your back sis. Here’s a list of 20+ glamorous sangeet outfit ideas!

Pastel Glam

It’s 2021 and the fashion world is going crazy over pastels, and with good reason. They bring a blissful wave of light colours to the eyes of everyone watching. So go, make use of that beauty. If you’re into light and breezy colours, pastel lehengas are for you! Added bonus points if it’s a day function. If you want to explore more pastel lehengas, our article on pastel lehengas would be your one-stop destination.

Bright Coloured Lehenga

Popping pinks, reds, yellows, oranges and other bright colors are perfect for the dancing bride on a sangeet night. If you want to stand out and shine brighter than everyone, what better way to do that? If you’re a bold and carefree young bride, you should totally consider bright colors!

Sangeet outfit ideas
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Abhinav Mishra

Floral Lehenga

Delicate flowers add a soft touch of beauty and grace to all sorts of gowns and lehenga. If you are a sucker for the dainty, cottage-core vibes that remind one of the balmy warm days of spring, get yourself one of these. People assume that floral lehengas are far too simple, but we would like to differ. They come in all sorts of weights and glam levels, so you’ve got a wide variety to choose from.

Sangeet outfit ideas
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Unique and Out Of The Box

Bored of Lehengas and wanna venture into more unexplored realms? We’re with you! You can always go for the alluring gowns. No, we’re not talking about those traditional ones that basically just look like a lehenga pretending to be a dress. We’re talking modern red-carpet-worthy gowns. If you’re hell-bent on showing off your gorgeous midrib, you can always go for unique two-piece gowns. Here’s what we’re talking about-

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Seema Gujral

Wanna know more about unconventional wedding wear? Check this out: Extraordinary Bridal lehengas

Classic Glamourous Sangeet Night Lehengas

Dream of dancing the night away looking like a queen in a blingy and glamorous lehenga on your sangeet? Haven’t we all dreamt of that at some point? Well if you wanna make that dream come true, you should absolutely grab a gorgeous glimmery lehenga from the myriads of options available! Here are some examples of glamorous classic sangeet outfit ideas-

sangeet outfits
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Manish Malhotra

So those were our 20 glamorous sangeet outfit ideas that will bring out your inner dancing queen!

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