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Striking Cocktail Decor Ideas That We Spotted For Your Wedding

by Harshita Sharma

Weddings with cocktail parties are probably the weddings where you have a time of your life. They are full of music, dance, and drinks! Not to forget, cocktail decor plays a huge part in setting up the vibe of the party. We have compiled some of the best cocktail decor ideas that can make the evening tenfolds fun and exciting.

Neon Sign

Neon signs look eclectic and robust making them a must-have for cocktail decor. Apart from this, there are plenty of options for neon signs including the wedding monogram, couple hashtag, and classy party signs to choose from.

Hanging Decor

Hanging decor is something that attracts guests right from the entrance and is a key element to the cocktail decor. You can have gold or rose gold sparkly sequins falling from the ceiling. Disco ball ceiling decor also gives major party vibes and you can pair it up with silver hanging decor.


Centerpieces for cocktail decor can have small table units with floral arrangements installed over them. You can also go for mirrored centerpieces for guests’ seating areas. You may also use these centerpieces to fill up the empty corners and spaces around the venue.

Guest Seating

Mirrored tabletops with transparent glass chairs look phenomenal with the dim cocktail hour lights. You can also opt for a complete gold look with metallic golden-colored couches, pouffes, tables, and table decor to keep it all glittery.

Bar Decor

A bar counter is a place that garners the most amount of guests and is crowded throughout the evening. To make the most out of it, offering your guests a bar set up with a twist is a great way to incorporate it into the theme. There are multiple cocktail decor ideas for a variety of bar setups like a humongous boom box, a glass hookah bar section, an outdoor vertical bar unit, and so on.

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