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Trend Alert: 5 Types Of Messy Braids That Are Currently On Fire!

by Abhigna Ghosh

Gone are the days when messy was considered ugly. You and us both know well that messy buns, messy braids and basically every messy hairstyle is the current fad that brides are crushing over harder than their bae. So its time we take a break from quintessential bridal hairstyles and focus on some chic messy braids for your big day.

We know you are super excited and overwhelmed with all the planning that you have to do for your bridal look, and that’s exactly why we are here. To help you out in selecting the perfect messy hairstyle for your big day.

Let’s get rolling!

A Classic Messy Braid With Floral Accessories

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The saga of messy braids and floral accessories have been going strong since this hairstyle’s inception. Messy braids look stunning literally Vogue ready when you accessorize them with some captivating fresh flowers and trust us, we have never seen a messy hairstyle look this elegant before.

Ditch The Flowers For Your Love Of Metals

Want to keep your hairstyle fresh and tidy even after the long hours of the ceremony? Then floral accessories are probably not the best option for you but that doesn’t mean that your braid has to go without accessories. Go back to the good old mental accessories for your hair in gold and silver and get the full benefit of its vintage charm to take up your bridal hairstyle several steps up.

Flaunt A Half Braid With Full Tashan

Why let all the money you spent on hair spa go in vain as you tie up your hair into braids when you can opt for a half braid and flaunt your bouncy glossy hair along with a chic messy braid. These gorgeous brides here with their messy half braids are giving such legit hairstyle goals that we just cannot stop gushing over their style.

A Voluminous Messy Braid That Will Make Your Jaws Drop

Do you know what’s better than a messy braid? A braid with volume. You can ditch all the accessories if you can master this one voluminous braid that is enough to leave all the guests at you wedding gawking at the gorgeous hairstyle.

Let’s Not Forget Our Favorite Fishtail Braid

Brides, how can we even complete the list of braid hairstyles without talking about our favorite fishtail braid. Give your regular fishtail braid a celebrity like makeover with a messy touch and a little accessories and you will be ready to make jaws drop as you enter the venue.

Which kind of messy braids are you planning for the big day? Do let us know in the comment section below!

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