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Choose the Perfect Wedding Theme According to Your Zodiac Sign

by Tripti Jain

Ever wished something from a star and it did not come true? Well, you can wish for a perfect wedding theme according to your zodiac sign and you will find it right here. This article talks about the best wedding theme options you can have based on your zodiac sign. 

Aries: The Adventurers

You are an all-time adventure enthusiast. You would love an exquisite, outdoorsy wedding with a destination wedding theme. Don’t let the boundaries decide your wedding theme. Choose any place on the map that suits your personality and go with it.

Taurus: Classic Old Charm 

Tauruses love surrounding themselves with classic, one of a kind pieces. A vintage wedding theme is perfect for them.

Gemini: Modern Bohemian

Geminis often have a combination of two personalities. They are modern, yet inclined to bohemian things. A modern-day boho wedding theme with the ideal aesthetic is what suits them the most.

Cancer: Cozy and Intimate

Cancerians are private individuals known for their instinctive nature. All of the decisions are driven by their feelings. An intimate, cozy, indoor wedding theme is what works well for them. 

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Leo: Experimental Creatures

Leos love experimenting with different styles, fashion statements. They are the trendsetters who hops onto a trend as and when it’s in the market. Their wedding theme is full of trends and experiments.

Virgo: Contemporary and Organized

If you are a Virgo, you probably like to make a checklist for everything. Virgos like everything ideal which includes a properly planned wedding. A resort-themed wedding with dedicated staff is perfect for them.  

Libra: Ancient Aesthetics

Being one of the calmest signs out there, Libras love a peaceful wedding theme. Some of the best themes for them are airy vineyard wedding and vintage farm wedding.

Scorpio: Attention Grabbers

Scorpios are known to grab attention wherever they go. Their ideal wedding theme includes lots of bright color elements, sparkles, and eye-catching décor. 

Sagittarius: Casual and Chic 

Sagittarius pays more importance to the people than the actual wedding theme. However, they are as enthusiastic about it as others. A beach wedding is perfect for them as it is not extravagant but also not so casual. 

Capricorn: Traditional yet New Age

Capricorns love to follow rules. They are disciplined and always act within the limits. A timeless garden wedding is best for them.

Aquarius: Calm and Laid Back 

They are free-spirited people which a nonchalant attitude. They don’t care about what others think. A relaxed, laid-back outdoor farm wedding with light décor is a great choice for them.

Pisces: Romantic and Dreamy

Pisces have one of the most romantic personalities. A scenic wedding theme with a view of mountains, rivers, or a coastal wedding is perfect for them. 

Sounds good? If you believe in Zodiac signs and stars, do include them in wedding planning and share these ideas with your besties weddings to help them choose a perfect wedding theme according to their Zodiac sign.

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