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Top 13 Brilliant Asian Bridal Hairstyle Ideas For Long Hair

by Tripti Jain

Finding the best bridal hairstyle when you have really long hair can be a bit overwhelming. After all, not every hairstyle is suitable for carrying the weight of your long and heavy hair. However, long hair is a blessing for bridal hairstyles, you know why? Just think of the sea of options before you that you can choose without having to use hair extensions or a fake bun and wigs. It will be all of your gorgeous, natural hair!

Sounds exciting? Then lets check out the list of top 10 brilliant bridal hairstyle ideas now!

1)A Messy Voluminous Bun

Hairstyle ideas for long hair can never be complete without mentioning a bun. We understand that during the long and tiring hours of the ceremony, you don’t want your hairstyle to be a burden right? Then try out a bun. Its easy, comfortable and super stylish.

2)A Voluminous Ponytail

A women’s love for ponytail is tale of love that the world has known for ages. Why not show up at your wedding in your favorite hairstyle?  Just see this, this is neither too boring nor too difficult to balance, its just perfect!

3)Leave It Open

Nothing does justice to the beauty of gorgeous long hair than leaving it open to flaunt its charm. Leave your hair open and curl up the ends if you want. Complete the look with a bog gorgeous maang tika and you are all set to set the stage on fire!

4)Adorn It With Mogra

Longer the hair, more are the ways to deck it up with beautiful fresh flowers and bridal hairstyles are just not complete without mogras. Tie your hair into a simple braid and wrap strands of fresh mogras around it just like this gorgeous bride.

5)Gorgeous Semi Bubble Braid

There is something so gorgeous and princess-like that we can’t help but mention it. You can also do a simple bubble braid. What adds up to this amazing hairstyle is the smart selection of the beautiful pink roses and this bride is surely slaying this hairstyle, isn’t it?

6)A Thick Braid With Passa

One of the best things about having really long hair is that you can experiment with different bridal braids. Look at this thick and voluminous braid smartly accessorized with the passa. We are definitely loving this hairstyle, what about you?

7)Half Tied Hairdo

If you want to flaunt the length that makes other women go jealous without leaving your hair completely open, go for a half tied hairdo. This beautiful half tied updo with front braids does complete justice to her waist long luscious hair curled at he end.

8)Play It Up With Flowers

When it comes to Indian weddings, flowers and bridal hairstyle go hand in hand. Here, this gorgeous bride is using a flower tiara along with floral chains that go back across her hair and makes her look ravishing without having to tie up her long beautiful hair.

9)A Messy Detailed Braid

This voluminous detailed messy braid is definitely trending this season. More and more brides are opting for this gorgeous braid that gives you a royal look and also helps you flaunt that eye-catching length. So if you have really long hair and a special soft corner for braids then whats stopping you from trying out this bridal hairstyle?

10)A Neat Rolled Bun

Elegance can never go out of fashion and when we hear elegance, the first picture that comes to our mind is a neatly rolled beautiful bridal bun. Look at the skillfully tucked in locks with the smooth textures. What makes it look even more beautiful are those gorgeous accessories. Aren’t they beautiful?

11) The Rapunzel Style

Perhaps every girl’s undying love for long hair started when we saw Rapunzel flaunt her ravishing long hair on the screen. If you are one of those who wants to flaunt a gorgeous hairstyle without compromising with the length then what’s stopping you from trying out this wonderful hairstyle?

12) The Neat Bow

Turns out bows are no more just for your outfit. Your bridal hairstyle for desi Indian wedding just got a funky twist with this brand new open hair bow hairstyle fresh from the rack. Its easy to do, stylish and does complete justice to your amazing length.

13)Luscious Wavy Hair

We understand that although you want to leave your hair open and flaunt your length, every girl has certain dreams about her hairstyle for her big day/ So if not getting any. work done on your hair is making you upset then try out this brand new hairstyle. Best suited for the brides who crave for a minimalist loo, these glossy wavy hair is surely going to make your wedding snaps even more memorable

So these were the 13 trending bridal hairstyle that you should definitely know for your desi Indian wedding. Let us know which one you plan to choose for your wedding because we are eagerly waiting to hear from you.

We wish you all the best for your big day!

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