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Trendy Outdoor Mehendi Seating Ideas for Brides

by Harshita Sharma

The seating area for the Mehendi function can make or break the bridal photoshoot. A beautifully done setup does not only enhance the charm of the wedding but also gives you an option to use the same backdrop as a photobooth for all your exciting portraits.

Here are some of the most attractive bridal Mehendi seating arrangements the function.

Floral Setup

You can never go wrong with a classic floral setup. This floral decor looks breathtaking with the outdoor setup in a farm-themed wedding.

Swing Seat

This setup is specially created for the bride to get all the attention and pampering during the Mehendi function. The floral and colorful decor looks very refreshing and is best for summer weddings.

Campy Canopy

This unique setup gives a very chic feeling to the whole Mehendi seating arrangement and doesn’t go unnoticed. It is one of the most comfortable and cozy Mehendi seating setups.

Tassel Tour

Who doesn’t love colourful tassels hanging in the backdrop? A boring setup can be revamped with using these to make it bright, fun and interesting.

Pop Props

Nowadays, there’s no limit to what all can be added as a decor to the wedding. Adding tiny little decor pieces in the backdrop and around the seating area is a good idea to convert any place into a tiny heaven.

Choose a decor that suits your style and don’t miss out on this chance to have the perfect seating. You can decorate your seat with your DIY’s too. If you want you can share your decor with us. Contact us to share it. Enjoy your day and a lovely wedding!!.

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