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Rahul Vaidya and Disha Parmar Wedding: Everything you need to know about the breathtaking ceremony!

by Poorna Sundaram
Disha parmar wedding

The internet has been raving about The Rahul Vaidya and Disha Parmar wedding recently and we thought we’d give you guys our insights and all the details you need to know about the event! We’ve got a lot to unpack here, from their story to the details of decor, outfits and much more! Stay till the end if you wanna know all about the makeup artists, photographers, designers etc.

Their Story

Soon after coming into Big Boss claiming to be single, Rahul Vaidya was in for a whole adventure. Disha Parmar and Rahul Vaidya met through a mutual friend and started talking after they during the shoot of one of Rahul’s music videos. Before you know it, thanks to hangouts and social media, they grew extremely close. When Rahul realized his feelings for the actress, he went out to propose to her on national TV! Disha later agreed with two conditions – “A grand wedding and a grander diamond,” as she mentioned jokingly on the Valentine’s Day special episode of the show.

We’re super excited to have a look into their wedding filled with grandeur, are you?

The Mehndi Ceremony

The perfect time for all the women (and other mehndi enthusiasts)to bond in a wedding is of course the mehndi ceremony with its close-knit and chatty vibe. Disha’s mehndi gives the familiar bubbly feeling with the pink theme! She shines in front of a pink background with the classic “dulhaniya” title adorned with pastel pink roses. Disha rocks minimal makeup with a gorgeous bright pink and white Sharara with mirror details and bright golden jewelry, and of course, extremely detailed and lovely mehndi.

The Haldi Ceremony

Filled with all shades of yellow, this adorable healthy ceremony exuded the warmest of emotions, and we can sense the joy in everyone’s hearts just by looking at these images! The couple wore the simplest outfits possible, with Disha in a yellow halter-neck dress and Rahul in just a pair of shorts. The lovely Gendha and white flowers in the decor and on their bodies, however, made them look ethereal and adorable all at once. The family’s joy and excitement shining through these photos is just the cherry on top we needed!

The Wedding Ceremony

Our hearts melt when we look at the Rahul Vaidya – Disha Parmar wedding photos! The ceremony was decorated with calming and serene white flowers matching Rahul’s White Sherwani with intricate gold details and a classic gold turban. Disha dawned an elegant bright red lehenga with floral and mirror-like silver details, alluring gold jewelry, and a natural makeup look. The wedding photos quite accurately capture the couple’s intimacy and happiness knowing the fact that they will spend their lives inseparable from each other.

The Glamourous First Dance

Of course, NO celebrity wedding in India is ever complete without some version of a glamorous sangeet and the wedding couple shining in luxurious outfits, and the dance performance that they practiced for months, but the Disha Parmar wedding had not one but TWO dance events! For the first one, Disha wore a unique and modern spin on the classic saree glimmering with silver sequins. following the same pattern, Rahul wore a splendid white and black suit with a modern cut and a lovely white flower pin. And yes, Disha’s smoky eye look was to absolutely die for! The couple took everyone’s breath and hearts away with their upbeat and romantic first dance choreographed by Happy Dancing Feet.

For their second dance event, the final event of their wedding gala, Disha Parmar wore a Bollywood-Esque shimmery blue two-piece gown and Rahul Vaidya rocked a fun suit with a funky asymmetrical black and grey print. The Glamorous couple once again got on their feet and served us a super entertaining performance choreographed by Sumit Khetan.

Post-Wedding Photoshoot

The Disha Parmar – Rahul Vaidya Marriage concluded with a super cute post-wedding photoshoot. Rahul wore a white closed neck kurta with silver stripes and Disha rocked a pastel lemon yellow suit with silver patterns and her bright red wedding bangles. Out of all, this photoshoot has to be the MOST adorable one! filled with soft pecks, laughter, and toothy smiles, these photos are just oozing with love. Don’t know about you, but we’re a fan of #theDishulWedding!

Rahul Vaidya Wedding
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Disha Parmar Wedding
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Wedding Vendors

Photography: Israni Photography

Venue: Grand Hyatt Mumbai

Decor: National Decorators

Planners: Copper Luxury Wedding

Makeup and Hair: Shraddha Luthra

Jewelry: Anmol Jewellers

Mehndi: Jyoti Chheda

Wedding Outfit: Abu Jani Sandeep Khosla

Dance Night Outfit: Dolly J

That was our take on #thedishulwedding. What were your favourite parts of the entire celebration? Let us know! Also, reach out to us if you want to get your wedding in our real weddings section.

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