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An Arranged Marriage Filled With Love: The Delightful Story Of Aakriti And Shubham

by Tripti Jain
arranged marriage

In India, an arranged marriage is an extremely common part of the wedding traditions. However, with time change traditions and today, we’ve got the story of an arranged marriage far away from the redundant traditions. One filled with love, passion and excitement.

“Euphoric, that’s how I’d describe what I felt after coming across her profile on one of those
famous matrimonial apps. There she was someone I’d never met. And yet, there seemed to be
an intense calling. An attraction, an allegiance. A sense of familiarity that one only associates
with home. Sounds crazy right, but I kid you not, every word I say here is the absolute truth. At
that moment, I couldn’t, even in my most wildest of imaginations, have thought that we’d end
up developing this passionate and intimate bond, and yet I somehow knew that she was special.” Says Shubham, an engineer by profession and a true romantic in his heart.

From their first meet on Christmas, in a soft and festive café to their 6 months of “get-to-know-each-other” period, the duo slowly crept into each other’s lives and hearts, making a permanent home there. After Akriti finally said the big YES, the charming couple finally got married in the midst of the pandemic. Yes, not even a worldwide pandemic could stop the engineer and the architect from getting hitched! (Yes, in accordance with the covid guidelines of course.)

Ready to have a look at this beautiful union? Cause we sure are!

The Engagement

The Engagement Ceremony was decorated with pastel flowers in various shades of white, pink and peach, and needless to say, it brought an extremely soft and romantic touch to the atmosphere. Aakriti slayed the day with her gorgeous and unique grey and gold lehenga, a combination we’ve rarely seen but wanna see more of, and Shubham complemented her really well in his navy wedding tux. The photos of this lovely engagement ceremony filled with flowers, rings, games and laughter melts our faces into smiles.

The Haldi Ceremony

Haldi celebrations are never complete without a big wave of yellow! The decorations were tastefully done in the shades of yellow green and red. The family can also be seen wearing all shades of yellow with matching greens and reds to complement the theme of the ceremony. Most importantly, our bride wore a serene yellow saree with a beautiful bottle green blouse and flower bracelets. To add to that, her fun persona came through when she gave us those super cool bride-with-shades moment! Love it Love it Love it.

Mehndi Ceremony

Our super cool bride is back at it with the shades in her mehndi ceremony! There is something about Aakriti’s smile that makes us want to smile with her. It’s thoroughly contagious! She shines bright in her unique indo-western bottle green saree-jumpsuit with the yellow and teal backdrop decorated with flowers of all kinds including the classic gendha.

The Wedding Day

They say one’s face glows brighter when they are happy, and we see the truth of that saying on Shubham and Akriti’s faces in the wedding ceremony. The joy and thrill of knowing they will be spending the rest of their lives with the one they love, it’s evident in their gleeful smiles. Akriti shined like a shooting shooting star in her alluring pink and silver lehenga, with Shubham complementing her in his intricately detailed sherwani with a matching pink dupatta. The couple’s glee truly comes through in the photos.

Did you enjoy Shubham and Akriti’s love filled arranged marriage? Let us know! Also don’t forget, you too can get featured in our real wedding sections, just reach out to us.

Wedding Vendors

Hair and Makeup: Bhaavya Kapur Makeup Studio

Photography: Wow Wedding Films

Venue: Taj Mahal, Lucknow

Event Planning and Decoration: Gendha Phool

Outfits And Jewellery

Bride’s Outfits: Bhasin Brothers

Groom’s Outfits: Manyavar

Jewellery: Reliance Jewels and Sardar Ji Bentex Walley

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