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Captivating Mirror Decor Ideas for an Enchanting Wedding

by Harshita Sharma

It’s one thing to use usual decor at a wedding, it’s something else when you choose mirror decor as an intergral part of a function. It takes the whole event to another level. The shiny, reflective, sparkly vibe of mirror decor transform the whole wedding to a dreamy sight. We have curated a list of all the best ways in which you can use mirrors to level up the decor game at the upcoming wedding.

Reception Mirror Stands

These standalone mirror stands look astonishingly beautiful as a reception decor piece. You can use them at the entrance, as corner decors, and further, amplify the look by adding pillar candles and flower bouquets on the top.

Welcome Sign

One of the first decor piece that your guests encounter as they enter the wedding venue is the welcome sign. A mirrored welcome sign grab everyone’s attention and you can’t miss how pretty it looks. You can always add flowers, lush green details, and a captivating frame design to suit the wedding aesthetics.

Statement Piece

Statement mirror decor is something that looks unique and eye-catching. These mirror decor items are placed at only a few places around the entire venue. A mirrored snack rack, a bar counter, and a photo booth wall are some of the options to look into.

Table and Centerpieces

Bringing mirror decor to the table setting is a great way to impress everyone at the table. You may choose to cover the entire table by a mirror tabletop or you can place mirror placemats for the centerpieces to give a sophisticated look.

Engagement Ring Tray

Engagement ring trays are one of the most popular pieces for mirror decor. These widely popular mirror decor trays are very easily accessible and you can order customized ones from a local vendor.

If you get inspired by any of these mirror decor ideas, play around with these inspirations and update them according to your style or use them as it is at a wedding to get the most out of it.

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