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10 Brilliant Eye Makeup Ideas For Your Big Day

by Tripti Jain

Have you noticed how a small hint of kajal in your eyes makes a dramatic difference to your entire face? If kajal alone can do that much then just imagine the impact a full-blown gorgeous eye makeup will have. Bridal makeup is incomplete without a proper eye-make up, so before your sit down to instruct your makeup artist about your perfect bridal makeup, check out these 10 brilliant eye make up ideas that you will definitely love.

1)Bold Smokey Eyes

No list of popular and amazing eye makeup ideas can ever be complete without the smokey eye makeup/ This eye makeup can literally go with any outfit of any color. The smooth dark smokey effect along with the shade of black on the upper crease does justice to smokey effect while the thick stroke of liner with a flick of mascara gives you that glamorous and badass look.

2) Semi smokey eyes

If you feel that smokey eyes will make your eyes look smaller, go for a semi smokey eye makeup. The sparkling shade of sober orange is carefully balanced by the soft smokey effect on the side and the smart use of highlighter makes your eyes look bigger and enhances the overall look. No wonder women love this style so much.

3) Classic Bar Liner Style

Maybe you don’t want to overshadow your beautiful eye makeup with a thick flick of liner, that’s okay, we have a perfect style for you. Try a classic bar eyeliner style. Just a thin flick of black liner and flaunt your shimmery eye-shadow carefully balanced and enhance with bold transition shades.

4) Winged Smokey Liner

Love experimenting with liner? Try this smokey liner look. We understand that no matter how much you love the traditional smokey eye makeup you would definitely want to experiment a bit on your big day. If its true that eyes can speak a lot then your eyes are definitely going to nail it.

5)Monotonic Shade With Cat Liner

A perfect liner stroke makes you happy? This one is for you. Try this look with any color you want. All that you have to do is match the color with your outfit or pick up a silver or golden shade , add a thick winged liner and a think stroke of shimmery eyes shadow below your lower lid and tadaa! Your simple yet elegant eye make up is ready.

6) Monotonic Glittery Shade

In case you love the sparkling shades of shimmery eye shadows, you should check this out.The shimmery golden eye shadow is beautifully enhanced by a soft touch of a shade of maroon on the upper crease which adds a unique touch to the look. Experiment with different colors and complete the look with a classic bar eye liner and a tiny hint of highlighter in the inner corner and you are ready to steal the show!

7) Dark Stroke Along Crease

For all the make up lover brides-to-be, this is definitely going to make you happy. This is not your regular bridal eye makeup, the thin stroke of dark gray along the crease makes it stand out. So when hundreds of eyes will be on you, we will make sure that yours are the best.

8) Contrasting Colors

Have you ever drooled over those neatly done eye makeup with a contrasting color transition fading at the end? Well, here is the one for you. The sharp contrast of the shimmery pink against the dark brown fading at the end might look difficult to nail but its definitely worth the effort. Complete the look with mascara and flaunt your elegant and glamorous look.

9) Tri-Section Smokey Effect

Bored with the usual smokey eye makeup? Try the new tri-section smokey style. With a thin stroke of classic bar liner style, you have all the space for your makeup brush to work with the eye shadows. The glittery shade of golden goes well in contrast with soft smokey effect on sides and is surely going to make you look like a diva right out of a fashion show.

10) Natural Style With A Nude Shade

Not a big fan of heavy makeup? We have something especially for you. The best part about monotonic shades of nude colors is that it gives you that glam no makeup look. You get to highlight your eyes and make them beautiful without tampering with your natural beauty. Complete this look with a thin stroke of liner and you all ready for your big day!

So this was our list of 10 brilliant eye makeup ideas for this wedding season. Do tell us which one you like the most, we are eagerly waiting to hear from you.

We wish you all the best for your big day!

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