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8 Must-Know Things Every Bride Should Know Before Finalizing The Makeup Artist

by Abhigna Ghosh

So the date has been set and now its the time for the overwhelming periods of preparation and planning. While for all the other activities, you will get some help from your friends and family but there is something you have to do all alone and that is choosing your makeup artist.

No matter how much your friends and family members try to help you, its only you who knows how exactly do you want to look on all the events of your wedding, after all you have been dreaming about this for years. But if your head is buzzing with all the work, then let us help you out here. Let us discuss 8 must-know things that you should know before finalizing your makeup artist for the wedding.

Book In Advance…If Needed Then Wayyy In Advance

When every bride’s dates are finalized, important bookings are the first thing that they do and so should you, so that there aren’t any problems at the last moment. Also, if you are planning to hire someone very popular and renowned, then you should probably check their availability at least a year prior to the wedding.

Now What Kind Of Makeup Do You Want

Here by the types of makeup, we mean Airbrush or HD makeup?

Airbrush makeup is done with help of an air gun which is used to spray the makeup all over your face. Starting from the foundation to the blush and eye shadow, all of it can be done using the Airbrush makeup technique, however, in this technique it is very important that the makeup artist has some prior experience because this technique needs some time and practice to master.

The second type is the HD makeup which is done manually with brushes and blenders. This kind of makeup gives you a flawless natural look and hides your blemishes and skin spots to an extent that even the camera lens cannot capture it.

So, it is very important that you decide what you want beforehand so that you are not confused by the options on the wedding day.

Check The Makeup Artist’s Portfolio

In the world of Instagram, it does not take much time and effort to check out someone’s portfolio. Just go their Instagram page and you will find their previous works with other clients. This will give you an insight into their work and see if it matches your requirements and also check if they are capable of delivering what you are expecting.

Check Their Fees And Your Budget

The next thing that you should is check their charge. The cost for your wedding day makeup will be higher in comparison to the other small functions. So make sure that you check out how much they charge, their payment system and also how much advance they take. Also, while checking the charge, see what facilities does the bridal makeup package offers.

Generally, bridal makeup package offers-



3)Dupatta Draping

4)Nail Polish (this one depends on the makeup artist)

So make sure that you are discussing all these details before hand to avoid any last minute problem.

Ask For A Trial

Surprises are super adorable but not on your wedding day, right? Taking a leap of faith is okay when the makeup artist has been recommended to you by a close friend or relative or if they are really famous with a spectacular portfolio but if your makeup artist doesn’t meet either of the above categories then you should ask for a trial.

Now, there are three kinds of trials-

1)The first type is when they give you a makeup trial and latter adjust the price in your actual cost for the wedding makeup. That this, they might not give you a free trial but they can certainly give you a discount.

2)The second type is a paid trial which means you will have to pay for it separately apart from your wedding makeup charges.

3)The third is the free kind, bur honestly speaking free trials are not that common with bridal makeup artists, especially if they are established.

So, again keep in mind that when you discuss a makeup trail with her make sure you clear out the payment structure point so that there aren’t any misunderstandings later.

Always Know The Person Who Will Do Your Makeup, Not The Brand

This will not be an issue if you are dealing with a freelance makeup artist or a solo makeup artist but let’s say you have contacted a beauty salon for your wedding makeup then make sure you know who from that salon will do your makeup. Is it the head or their assistant and how many people will be there. Know all the details by heart.

Let Them Know About The Venue And Ask If They Are Comfortable With Travelling

For wedding makeup we always recommend to choose someone who stays near the venue or your house. The reason behind this is that wedding makeup can take up a lot of time and you certainly don’t want someone who stays so far that she might get stuck in the traffic and get late. Time is something that you just cannot compromise on when its your wedding day.

Also, if you are having a destination wedding ask her how comfortable she is with travelling with you to the venue. Have all these discussions beforehand to avoid last minute complications.

Discuss The Lighting Beforehand

This is something that you will have to keep in mind even during the trial. Lighting is an important part of bridal makeup and all your wedding pictures depend on that. So make sure that the makeup is finalized keeping the lighting in mind. Also, ask them if they will bring the makeup lights with them (this is a preferable option), if not then how should you arrange for it and what should you keep in mind while getting one.

Now these were the 8 things that you should know before booking a makeup artist. But wait, there’s more! Let’s briefly talk about what other things you should keep in mind.

  • Make sure everything has been decided beforehand. Starting from the color of the eye shadow to the shade of foundation, everything should be discussed before.
  • Make sure your makeup artist has seen your outfits, after all the makeup will have to match with that.
  • Do not really on a verbal contract, its safer to opt for a written contract.
  • If you are planning to arrange makeup for your family as well through the same makeup artist, ask about the time management and all specific requirements.
  • Make sure you have either used the makeup brand they are planning to use before or you do a patch test before applying it to ensure you are not allergic to it.
  • Ask them if they recommend any prior skin or hair treatments.

So this was all that you had to know before finalizing your makeup artist for the big day. We hope all your doubts have been cleared and you are all set to dazzle on your wedding and all the other events surrounding it.

We wish you all the best bride-to-be!

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