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Top 7 Bridesmaid Makeup Trends To Rock Your BFF’s Wedding

by Tripti Jain
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Excited for your BFFs wedding? Being a bridesmaid is a role of great responsibility. From arranging the bachelorette to taking care of the last minute needs of the bride, you often tend to forget about your own makeup but you don’t have to worry, we are here to take care of that. That’s why we have designed this list of top bridesmaid makeup trends will help you be the star of the show and the most beautiful bridesmaid!

1)Bold And Beautiful

Its your best friend’s wedding and after the bride its you who will get the maximum attention then why not make all the admirers fall head over heels for you with a stunning bold makeup. Best for a night function Your bridesmaid makeup with a dark colored lipstick and a gorgeous eye makeup is certainly going to dazzle up the night even more.

2) Smokey Eye Makeup

The trend of smokey eyes hit all the women like a truck a couple of years ago and its going to be long before we can get over our love for smokey eyes. So before that happens we have brought to you few stunning smokey eye makeup ideas other than black! The mysteriously sexy and smoldering look that smokey eye makeup brings with it definitely worth the little extra effort that you need to nail the look, what do you think?

3)Soft Glam

Low-key makeup is so in fashion right now! Bridesmaid makeup ideas are all about keeping it stylish without going overboard with your makeup products. Master this makeup and here are high chances that some might not even notice that you are wearing a lot of makeup because it is seriously that good! This is the best way to look glamorous without icing your face with makeup,

4)Glitter It Up

A little touch of shimmer can brighten up everything and the same goes for your bridesmaid makeup. Shimmery eye shadows have been trending for quite a while now and being a part of a popular makeup trend is never a bad idea. This look Is perfect for you if you want to keep it neat and classy with extra focus on your eyes.

5)The No Makeup Look

The best makeup is the one that doesn’t give away that you are wearing makeup and you want to keep it natural ten what can be better than a no makeup look. The best part is that you don’t need any extensive contouring or a heavy base makeup and the soft touch of blush and the subtle eye makeup enhances your features without the hint of a dramatic makeup.

6) Bronze Makeup Look

Another popular makeup trend that is driving all the Instagram beauties crazy, a bronze makeup look lot like the soft glam look, bronze makeup is all about giving you a sun kissed glow with a soft touch of highlighter  enhancing your cheekbones and forehead. You can also get yourself a tanned look with this makeup if you want. After all, when its your best friend’s wedding going beyond regular makeup ideas is always a good idea, isn’t it?

7) Keep It Colorful

If you are a fan of gorgeous eye makeup then you might have noticed this trend. Playing it up with different shades is the new fashion. You can go for a bi-color or mix 3 to 4 shades and blend them well, this style is all yours and how you plan to steal hearts on the big day! So if you are planning for cool bachelorette by the pool or a rocking sangeet then this bridesmaid makeup trend is surely going to make you stand out

So these were the 7 bridesmaid makeup trends that every bridesmaid should know. Tell us which one you like the most  because we are eagerly waiting to hear from you!

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