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Top 11 Things About Bridal Makeup Every Bride Must Know

by Tripti Jain

Have you ever compared your makeup to the tutorial you were following and couldn’t help but wonder where you went wrong? For your big day to be perfect, your bridal makeup needs to be perfect too and when it’s your wedding you can’t let anything take away even a teeny tiny bit of perfection , right? So before you sit down for your makeup do not forget to check out this complete list of things you should know about bridal makeup to nail the look you want!

1) Moisturize Your Skin Before Your Fancy Bridal Makeup

One of the most important part of your bridal makeup starts from the base. Before you start applying your makeup make sure you skin is moisturized because dry skin is going to make you look dull and cracked and trust me ladies, you are going to have a hard time trying to settle the makeup

2)Choosing The Correct Foundation

It all starts with the wrong foundation. You know what’s the most common mistake we women make? We test the foundation tone on our arms. Ladies, our face has a lighter tone in comparison to our arms so when testing the correct shade, test it on your face and make sure it goes with your skin tone. You go wrong at this step and bam! your entire makeup is ruined!

3)Do Not Use Too Much Foundation And Concealer

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Again, speaking of foundation and concealer you don’t want a three shade difference between your face and neck, do you? The common saying, “ the more the better” doesn’t go for makeup. Don’t go overboard with your foundation and concealer . Let the first layer settle and blend well before you go for a second only if its absolutely necessary.

4)Filling Up Your Eyebrows Properly

Eyebrows play a really essential role in giving you that perfect eye makeup and just a few strokes wrong can spoil your entire makeup. The most common mistake that women do with their eyebrows is filling them up way too dark and making them pop out of their forehead. Remember, try to keep it as natural as possible.

5) Be Careful With The Eyeliner

Oh here we go again! A bad eye makeup is a disaster to even the prettiest face but you don’t have to worry about this because we can help you avoid all those rookie mistakes.

First of all, Never apply eyeliner on your water line, always opt for a kohl pencil. Also, if you have small eyes then you should only  apply a thin stroke of liner because thick liner strokes are going to make your eyes look smaller. Considering all the emotional moments during the vidaai we think you would like to use a waterproof eyeliner

6) Going Wrong With The Lip Liner

After your beautiful eyes, your lips are the next first thing that people notice about you. Remember that the only purpose of  lip liner is to prevent your lipstick from bleeding and it should blend perfectly with your lipstick shade. After all, when you check out your wedding album, you don’t want to see your lips popping out with a dark colored border around it, right?

7) Remember To Focus On One Part

The secret behind the perfect makeup is to focus on just one part. You either play it up with your eye makeup or focus on your lips. Do not do both!  Experimenting with both your eyes and lips is going to make your face look like a mismatched color palette and we certainly don’t want that to happen, right?

8) Moisturize Your Lips Before Applying Lipstick

Dry lips are so not attractive and dry lips with lipstick is a huge makeup disaster. Never forget to moisturize your chapped lips before you put on your lipstick. Also, considering the long hours of the ceremony you would probably want to opt for a matte lipstick but we suggest that you go for a creamy matte. In that way you can be assured of long lasting lipstick without the fear of dry and chapped lips.

9)Get The Contour Correct

We understand that the idea of contour can be quite exciting but if not done right, it can be a complete nightmare. Now, while contouring you have to make sure that you don’t end up choosing a shade that’s way too dark for your skin. Trust us, contour will only work if you invest into the right shade and brush and blend it well. Make thin proper strokes and keep blending it with a good blending brush before you move on to the next step.

10) Do Not Use Too Much Highlighter

We understand its fun to use highlighters. After all, just a tiny pinch of highlighter can make you a look stunning but that’s were most women go wrong. We have to understand that highlighters should be used as less as possible just in the corner of your eyes, cheeks or nose. After all, with all the cameras flashing at you, you obviously don’t want to end up looking like a disco ball, do you?

11) Have A Makeup Trial

Another serious makeup mistake we often make. Get this straight ladies, your wedding day is not the best time to experiment and see what works for you and what doesn’t. Before the big day, you need to have at least one makeup trial to see if your makeup artist can give you what you want and if the makeup you chose looks as good in real as it does in those tutorials.

So these were the 11 things that you should know about bridal makeup before you start preparing for your big day. After all we want your special day to be picture perfect including your makeup.

We wish you all the best for your big day!  

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