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Makeup Ideas That Compliment Best With Red Lehengas

by Poorna Sundaram
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Red Lehengas have become synonymous with Indian brides, red being the most popular colour for bridal lehengas for ages. This calls for a list of makeup ideas that go best with red lehengas to help out all the lovely brides-to-be who are trying to decide on their look for their big day. So what’s the wait? here we go!

Big Lal Bindi Look

The classic big red bindi look has been the go-to look for brides for ages. A makeup look that is built around the beautiful big red bindi, this look is absolutely timeless and its beauty never fails.

Copper & Champagne Eyes Look

Warm coppery and champage tones make for a soft and warm yet powerful look that goes amazingly with the red lehenga. This is a great choice if you want to look posh yet soft, as the look can do both fierce and simplistic.

Smokey Eyes Look

This look is for the bold and fierce brides out there who want their beautiful eyes to be the centre of attention. Dramatic, theatric and perfect for brides who aren’t afraid of a strong and captivating look.

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Nida Glamour

Glitter Eyes

If you’re someone who is all about glitz and glam, don’t be afraid of going for a glimmery and glittery look on your wedding day. This makeup idea is gorgeous, girly, bold, bright and just every adjective that a bride wants to hear. Go fulfill your fairy tale dreams with some pixie dust on your eyes!

Popping Red Lip Look

This look is immensely popular among brides. The whole makeup look is built around the bold red lips. If you have gorgeous red lips and aren’t afraid of showing them off and making them the center of attention, do consider this one!

Above are makeup ideas you can never go wrong to go with red lehengas. Which look is your favourite? Please let us know in comments

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