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Top 13 Bridesmaid Hairstyles Inspired By Alia Bhatt

by Abhigna Ghosh

So its your sister’s wedding and you must be gaga over the hundreds of bridesmaid hairstyles and makeup options that you have but come on, its your sister’s wedding why settle for something average when you can rock Alia Bhatt inspired bridesmaid hairstyles?

Yes we know you are super excited so let’s dive into the ideas without any further delay!

1)A Big Gorgeous Maang Tika

We read somewhere that a women becomes 100 times more beautiful when she opens her hair and after seeing Alia Bhatt’s picture, we cannot agree more. One of the easiest and effortless way to switch on your charm is to keep your hair open and complete the look with a big gorgeous maag tika

2)Floral Maag Tika

Speaking of maag tikas, we understand on your sister’s mehendi, you might want to keep it low-key yet stylish. If this sounds like you then you should a small floral maag tika with a ponytail. We feel Alia Bhatt is definitely nailing this look and so will you!

3)Casual Ponytail With Front Braid

Not a fan of maang tikas? That’s okay because wedding are way more than just maang tikas. Check out this beautiful ponytail with the thin front braid in front. What makes her look even more beautiful is the small black bindi on her forehead. After all, simplicity never goes out of fashion.

4)Open Hair And Big Jhumkas

Come on! After all its your sister’s wedding and you definitely have to raise the temperature being the super sexy bridesmaid and Alia Bhatt’s this look can certainly inspire you. This is just simple open hair but what plays the trick here are the jhumkas. When you want to easy on the hairstyle make sure you fill up the room with stunning accessories.

5) Tight Bun With Gajra

Weddings are the only time that you get to sport your favourite traditional look and awaken the desi girl within you. So why not don a classic gajra bun? After all, indian weddings and gajras go hand in hand.

6)Messy Ponytail With Maang Tika

If you are a fan of Alia Bhatt the you have definitely seen this hairstyle appear quite a few times in your instagram feed. Instead of getting a smoothly back brushed ponytail or bun she partially pulls up a few strands of hair from the front part giving her hairdo a messy touch that can can literally go with any type of outfit

7) A Sleek Low Ponytail

Sleek ponytails and buns have been trending in bollywood over the recent years and we don’t want you to miss out on any latest trend. So check out this stylish sleek ponytail and those delicately designed jhumkas. This look is definitely going to make your instagram posts more loved!

8) A Sleek Bun

Speaking of sleek hairstyles how can we not talk about the sleek bun? Well you might recognize this as the signature bun style of Deepika Padukone but the way Alia Bhatt is sporting her sleek bun with those big jhumkas has certainly won our hearts. This is a great way to look super classy and steal the show with minimal efforts.

9) Heart Braid

When its your sister getting married, ou can feel the love in the air so why not let your hair feel the love too? Always leaving us speechless with her smart sense of fashion, Alia Bhatt once again takes our breath away with her beautiful heart braid.

10) Messy Fishtail Braid

Wont it br cool that the hairstyle that walked down the red carpet making all the papparazis go crazy will also show up at your sister’s wedding? Well if Alia Bhatt can do it then why not you? If you are sister is going to be the star of the special day you will be no more than a princess.

11) Sleek Open Hair

Back again with another sleek hairstyle. There is just something about a gelled back sleek hair that we cant help but mention it again and again. Also, if open hair make yu uncomfortable then the gel is going to keep it in place and give you that glam mysterious look.

12)Half Tied Hairdo

A bridesmaid’s hairstyle looks the best when kept simple, so here again we have another extremely simplye yet glamorous hairstyle with Alia Bhatt’s signature messy touch with those loose strands over the front part of her hair.Isnt that beautiful?

So these were the top 12 best bridesmaid hairstyles inspired by Alia Bhatt. Now there is nothing stopping you from stealing hearts on your sister’s wedding but before that tell us which one you are going to pick, we are eagerly waiting to hear from you!

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