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16 Beautiful Indoor Mandap Decor Ideas

by Tripti Jain

The most important aspect that features in your wedding photography is the mandap decoration setup beside you and your soulmate. The wedding photographs emit a subtle feeling of happiness throughout your life. Hence mandap decoration stands of immense importance. How about getting your personnel wedding outfits to contemporize with the mandap decor. Sounds cool, isn’t’ it?

Exclusive Mandap decor is very difficult to specify. However, here are some creative ideas that are sure to make your dream wedding an experience of a lifetime.

Extravagant indoor mandap

This mandap idea reflects elegance. The decorated hanging floral corona cluster is sure to be the major attraction of this decor. The reflection of it can be seen on the glossy floor. The curtains are elegantly arranged as well.

Pink drapes and Pastel-hued Roses

This mandap is classy with pink as the major color. The drapes and the roses will set the mood of your grand wedding enriched with festivity after all, pink and roses can do magic!

Deities and tons of flowers

The mandap is sure to create a subtle feeling of ecstasy. You can feel the blessing of the deity every moment of your wedding day. You will surely love the hanging mogra strings together with those stunning flowers.

Simplicity and Sophistication

This indoor decor creates a spirit of fantasy with its simple yet sophisticated decor. Just get soaked into the magic of divinity while you wed your soulmate.

Fascinating chessboard decor

The decor is classy and fresh. With a unique aisle setup, it is soothing to the eye. Expect it to be unconventional and you need to try fast before someone else cashes on it. 

Natural and Elegant Mandap

The florals and draperies with its pink hue will mesmerize you. The natural daylight falling on the seating area will enhance the flair of your wedding. 

A dreamy floral Mandap

The floral decoration for this mandap will create a dream-like situation. A fairytale sequence is waiting for you on the date. Get soaked into a colossal and a magical dreamy wedding.

Mandap with Greenhouse setup

This glass-top mandap will surely bring the spiritual best in you and your soulmate. A heartwarming wedding ceremony with the full glory of mantras under this mandap will enhance the subtle life energies in you and your soulmate.

A picture-perfect decor

This mandap is sure to maximize the wedding aura. The ravishing display of colors, flowers, and decorations will make your wedding a real experience of a lifetime.

Customized Mandap Decor

This mandap is specially designed for you. The contrast of pink and ivory shade florals, white drapes, and golden Kalaash will surely make your day.  

An enthralling Mandap setup

This mandap is designed in a way to be a perfect panorama for your wedding. Creativity and imagination are the souls for this decor. 

Mandap with The Tree of Life

Marrying a tree before the actual wedding is a ritual followed in India for a long time. Trees suppose to contain supernatural powers and a proxy marriage before the actual wedding brings joy and wellbeing in abundance in the life of the newly married couple.

The dancing queen- Peacock

The peacock symbolizes intense loyalty faithfulness, beauty, and pride which may be an inspiration for your wedding theme. The color, floral designs, and chandeliers add hue to it. 

Misty and Green decor

The color green depicts a vibrant journey of life ahead for you. Your wedding under this mandap is sure to create an atmosphere for the divine to bestow its blessings.

Simple yet stunning Mandap

This mandap comes out from the canvas of an artist You are sure to get enthralled by this subtle pink and white decoration towards this mandap. Also, those roses are so beautiful!

All graceful bamboo decor

This bamboo-based mandap will surely bring out the genuine poised theme of your wedding. The carpet for aisle is designed to create a lasting impression.

These Mandap decor ideas are beautiful and can be the show winner, any day! After spoiling you with choices, we think you have already chosen your favorite decor. Do let us know in the comments!

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