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Wedding Day Bridal Checklist For All Nitty-Gritties Essentials of the Wedding

by Harshita Sharma

Wedding preparation is not easy and it’s important to cherish every moment of it. This is why a bridal checklist is a must. When you are not able to find something when it’s needed can ruin a perfect moment and it gets really stressful to remember every single item you will need on the wedding day. We are here to offer a helping hand with a list of all the things you should have along with you for the special day.


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Makeup is one of the most quintessential part of the bridal checklist on the wedding day. It’s a day when you want to look perfect and put together all day long. Not to forget, you should look fresh and alive throughout the hours long poojas and ceremonies. In case if you are hiring a professional makeup artist to do the deed, you do not have to take full responsibility for keeping the makeup with you. However, you never know when will you need that waterproof mascara of yours or that favorite blush and lipstick at the last moment. Your makeup artist would not be following you all day long and you are bound to get emotional at your wedding once in a while. Keeping a makeup pouch handy with all the products you swear by will help you in all such situations.

Q-tips, Wipes, and Tissue

Brides need constant attention and care to look their best selves all the time. Your bridal checklist must include Q-tips as they are beneficial for wiping small mishaps on your face while wipes and tissues help in removing makeup, wiping out all dirt, and stopping tears when things get emotional.

Wedding Dress

Yeah, we know a bride might forget to bring herself to the wedding but not her wedding dress. Wedding dress tops the bridal checklist without any doubt. But hear us out, try on the wedding dress one night before so everything fits perfectly. Pack the wedding dress properly for the photoshoot. It’s a must to check if the package has everything including the blouse and dupatta so you are not panicking at the last moment.

Hair Appliances and Accessories

No look is complete until the hair is done. Grab all your go to hair sprays, shampoo, hair straightener, curling iron, hair gels, comb and other accessories to achieve the perfect look. These products are must to have in your bridal checklist.

Personal Hygiene Products

There’s always a possibility of finding one hair on your arm or leg that’s completely out of place and snacks can get stuck inbetween your teeth. Save yourself from all of that by keeping a personal hygiene kit with you.


This might seem unnecessary to you right now but it’s important to have it in the bridal checklist. You won’t be eating much on your wedding day and you need to stay hydrated. Considering how busy you will be on the special day, straw will save you from a constant lipstick touch and you can grab a drink quickly without worrying much.


Jewellery is the backbone of the bridal look and take it to a whole another level. Keep all the jewellery that you are going to wear in one bag and pack them seperately to avoid any damage.


You must smell good all the time and that’s why carrying your favorite perfumes is necessary on your wedding day. This way you will always associate the smell with your wedding whenever you wear the same perfume.


One of the must thing to have in your bridal checklist is a bunch of bobby pins and safety pins. These pins act as the saviours at times when something goes wrong and you need to fix it immediately.

Bridal Footwear

bridal sandals for weddings
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Bridal footwear is like an accessory that levels up your entire bridal look. Keep a perfect pair of footwear that goes with the wedding dress. Along with that, carry one extra pair of comfortable footwear to give some rest to your feet.


Complete the bridal look by carrying a beautiful clutch that matches your outfit and you are good to go!

You just can not let anything slip by on your wedding. Make your wedding perfect by following this bridal checklist to get everything that you need on your wedding day at one place. Now you can have all the fun you want without getting distracted.

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