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Extraordinary Wedding Invitation Cards to Catch Everyone’s Attention!

by Tripti Jain

A wedding invitation card is not everyone’s priority when it comes to wedding planning. But think of it this way, it is the first piece of information that all the guests will receive for your wedding. Don’t you want it to be so amazing that when a guest opens your invite, they are as excited about the wedding as you are? If your answer is yes, keep reading for the best wedding invitation ideas.

Illustrated Invitation

Illustrated cards feature caricatures of the bride, groom, and their close ones in a unique and beautiful way. The contrasting colors in the illustrations are what makes them eye catching.

Digital Invitation

Digital cards are widely popular nowadays for sending one of a kind invites virtually anywhere in the world at a single click. You can also get one with animations for extra effects.

Acrylic Invitations

Acrylic invitations look classy and glamorous. They are designed from a thick sheet of acrylic which is available in transparent variable as well as opaque variable to suit your requirements. They work just like a paper invite and you can get any design printed on the acrylic.

Rough Edged Paper Invitations

These paper invitation cards are not the usual, ordinary ones that you see at every wedding. These are rough edged cards with organic paper material that gives a prominent look to the wedding invite.

Fabric Invitations

Fabric cards are the trendiest invites right now all over the world. People are gravitating towards them for their warm vibe, intricate detailing with embroidery, handwork, and natural touch.

Illustrative Invitations

Illustrative wedding invitation cards have small illustrations like pictures, symbols, drawings, sketches and more related to the couple. All the illustrations used on a card is connected to the wedding couple in one or the other way which gives this card a very personal touch.

Water Color Invitations

The water color wedding invitation cards look absolutely beautiful and are made for truly artistic people who appreciate minimalism yet want something unique for their wedding.

Colorful Invitations

Colorful cards are designed for people who dream of a unicorn and rainbow themed wedding. These cards use bright colors which makes them look so eye catching.

Theme Invitations

Theme wedding invitations are one of the most common variant out there. But you can try out different things with them as well. Everyone gets their card colored in the same theme as their wedding, you can get a card which is designed in the shape of your theme and more.

Velvet Invitations

Talk about royal weddings, can you ever miss velvet from the wedding? Velvet dribbles royalty and they both go hand in hand. If you are also about to witness a royal wedding, get a wedding invitation card designed full of velvet elements.

Golden Foil Invitations

If you are not sure what you want with the invites or you are in a dilemma to choose a theme. Stop thinking anymore and go with these gold leaf plated wedding cards. They look absolutely amazing with just the right amount of elements and you can never go wrong with them.

Vintage Invitations

Vintage wedding invites are one of a kind cards. You don’t often see them and that’s what make them so intriguing.

Planning a wedding is a big task and it comes with lots of decisions. Choosing the perfect wedding invitation card is one of them. They are more than just a piece of paper, you can make them a work of art with so many available options. Pick your inspirations from the above-mentioned cards and let them represent a wedding in your own style.

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